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Talk:Czech Republic, Church Books (FamilySearch Historical Records)

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I appologize for my ignorance on how to use this tool correctly, but I am feverishly interested in putting my hands on microfilms or online content that provides me with the family history data contained in Czech Church Books as of 1441 but I do not understand how to proceed to this end. I read that this data is planned to become available online. Is it available as microfilms allready now? I cannot seem to find a record of its availablity. I don't know the date of that statement regarding online plans and therefor don't know what to expect for when and how....

Among others I am interested in the family names, Gaag, Wild, Grillmaier, Hafenrichter, Janota, etc. The locations are Heiligenkreuz, Fuchsberg, Schoenfeld, Foerb, Eger, Weheditz, Münchsdorf, Weissensulz, etc. Can anybody help me to better understand what to do and/or what to expect? I hope it is appropriate to leave my email.