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''[[United States|United States ]] >  [[United States Census|U.S. Census ]] >  [[Alaska|Alaska]]  >  [[Alaska Census|Census]]''
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| valign="middle" | <center><font size="+1">'''Tips'''</font></center>
*If at first you don't find a name, try again under [[Spelling Substitution Tables for the United States and Canada|another spelling]].
*[[Copying Sources|Photocopy]] each ancestor's census. Identify where you found it.
*Look for an ancestor in '''''every''''' census during her or his lifetime.
*On the [[Adding a Custom Event to a PAF Family Group Record|family group record]] show&nbsp;each person's census listings.
*Study&nbsp;others in the same household, neighbors, and anyone with the similar names nearby on the census in [[Research a Family in Community Context|community context]].
*For a list of the exact date of each federal census, [[Alaska Censuses Existing and Lost|click here]].
=== Online Alaska indexes and images  ===
{{Census Online Alaska}}
=== Federal population schedules  ===
==== Microfilm images  ====
==== Indexes: fiche, film, or book  ====
For a list of microform and book indexes for the population schedules of Alaska, [[Alaska Population Schedule Indexes: Fiche, Film, or Book|click here]]
=== Federal non-population schedules  ===
==== Online indexes and images  ====
==== Microfilm images  ====
==== Indexes: fiche, film, or book  ====
'''1890 Veterans'''
A census of Union veterans on naval vessels in Alaska waters.
*Ronald Vern Jackson, et. al., ''[http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/11149613 1890 U. S. Vessels and Navy Census Index: Special Schedule of the Eleventh Census (1890) Enumerating Union Veterans and of Union Veterans of the Civil War]'' (Salt Lake City: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1983)[[http://www.familysearch.org/eng/library/fhlcatalog/supermainframeset.asp?display=titledetails&titleno=263421&disp=1890+U%2E+S%2E+vessels+and+navy+census+i&columns=*,0,0 FHL Book 973 X22j 1890]].
=== State, Territorial, and Colonial Censuses  ===
=== Existing and lost censuses  ===
For a list of available and missing Alaska censuses, [[Alaska Censuses Existing and Lost|click here]]. <br>
=== Why use a census?  ===
A well-indexed census is one of the easiest ways to locate where an ancestor's family lived and when they lived there. You can also use censuses to follow the changes in a family over time, and identify neighbors. These and other clues provided by censuses are important because they help find additional kinds of records about the family.
=== More about censuses  ===
[[United States Census|Click here]] for additional details about how to use censuses, such as:
:*[[United States Census Searching|index searching tips]]
:*[[United States Census Analyzing Census Data|analyzing and using what you find]]
:*[[United States Census Accuracy|census accuracy]]
:*[[United States Census Historical Background|historical background]]
:*[[United States Census#Contents_of_Federal_Censuses|contents of various census years and types]]
=== Sources and footnotes  ===

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