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I'm not clear why RecordSearch and FamilySearch are being listed separately in the last section.  Anyone know of any reason NOT to combine them?  Lise 02:04, 29 February 2012 (UTC)

This is a good article on the Census of Alabama.

However there are several link, when clicked, say: file not found.  Could you fix these links to Federal Census Microfilm site under National Archive for the following census years:

1803 M19, 1840 M704, 1850 M432, 1860 M653, 1870 M593, 1880 T9 & Soundex T753, 1890 M407, 1900 T623/Soundex T1030, 1910 T624/soundex T1259, 1920 T624/soundex M 1548.

Thank you for your article and time to make it better.

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