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Syracuse, New York Church Directories, History and Records

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United States > New York > Onondaga County > Syracuse > Church Directories, History and Records

Baptist[edit | edit source]

Baptist Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Marriages, 1814-1839, performed by missionaries of the Baptist Church in western Vermont and central New York (FHL)

Central Baptist[edit | edit source]

  • Memorial of the Central Baptist Church, Syracuse, N.Y., 1874 (FHL)

First Baptist[edit | edit source]

  • Souvenir historical sketch, First Baptist Church of Syracuse : organized February 7, 1821 : this edifice dedicated May 31, 1914 (FHL)
  • Early records, including marriages 1814-1832 (FHL)
  • Marriages by the Rev. Nathaniel J. Gilbert from the "Book of Records" (manuscript) (FHL)
    Marriages 1814-1932
    Admissions 1831-1837

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[edit | edit source]

  • Record of members, [1895]-1941 (FHL)

Episcopal[edit | edit source]

Grace Episcopal[edit | edit source]

  • Historical souvenir, Grace Episcopal Church, 1895 (FHL)

St. Paul's Episcopal[edit | edit source]

  • Records of the St. Paul Episcopal Church, Syracuse, N.Y., 1816-1883 (FHL)
    Membership records, 1830-1850
    Deaths, 1830-1850
    Communicants, 1830-1834, including few deaths
    Marriages, 1816, 1824-1883
    Deaths and Burials, 1830-1854

Lutheran[edit | edit source]

English Lutheran[edit | edit source]

  • Twenty-fifth anniversary : 1879-1904 (FHL)

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran[edit | edit source]

1882-1958 (FHL)
Baptisms 1882-1958
Confirmations 1883-1913, 1918-1957
Communicants 1883-1884
Marriages 1883-1907, 1913-1958
Deaths 1883-1958
Accessions 1924-1957
Church history and rules
Baptisms from other churches, 1906-1949
Removals 1924-1958

Methodist Episcopal[edit | edit source]

First Word United Methodist Episcopal[edit | edit source]

1835-1857 (FHL)

Protestant Episcopal[edit | edit source]

St. Paul's[edit | edit source]

  • Church records and index for St. Paul's Church (Syracuse) and St. John's Church (Onondaga Hill), Onondaga, New York (FHL)
  • 1843-1883 Marriage records, 1843-1883 (FHL)

Presbyterian[edit | edit source]

  • The private marriage register of Rev. Isaac Otis Fillmore, minister at Cambridge, N.Y., 1844-1855 : also Batavia, 1855-1858, Syracuse, 1858-1866, Knowlesville, 1866-1870, California, 1871-1872, and cental New York, 1874. (FHL)

East Genesee Presbyterian[edit | edit source]

Organized 1891, merged with First Presbyterian in 1990.

  • Church records 1891-1989 (FHL)
    Members index
    Pastors and church officials
    Baptisms 1881-1988
    Marriages 1913-1989
    Deaths 1928, 1940-1989
    Reserve roll
    Suspended members
    Session minutes, 1891-1942

The First Presbyterian of Syracuse[edit | edit source]

  • 1826-1851 - Early Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Syracuse, N.Y.: From the Date of Establishment in 1826 to the End of the First Pastorate in 1850, Embracing a Record of Marriages and Baptisms by the Rev. John Watson Adams, the First Minister, and a List of Members, etc. Syracuse: Genealogical Society of Central New York, 1986. Digital versions at Ancestry ($); Dunham - Wilcox - Trott - Kirk (free); Internet Archive.
  • Seventy-fifth anniversary of the First Presbyterian Society in the village of Syracuse, 1824-1899 : commemorative exercises by the Church and Society, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, October 22, 23 and 24, 1899 (FHL)
  • One hundredth anniversary of the First Presbyterian Society in the village of Syracuse, 1824-1924 : commemorative exercises by the church and society, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 12, 13 and 14, 1924 (FHL)
  • 1826-1851 (FHL)
    Early records of:
    List of members
  • 1824-1989 (FHL)
    Alphabetical list of admitted, dismissed or died, 1824-1927
    Baptisms, 1824-1989
    Church officials
    Members, 1826-1926, 1986-1989
    Members dismissed or died, 1838-1851
    Session Minutes, 1838-1933
    Marriages, 1986-1989
    Inactive Members
    Booklet of 50th anniversary of building (1956)

Fourth Presbyterian[edit | edit source]

  • 1870-1938 (FHL)
    Pastors and church officials
    Communicants and members
    Women of 4th Church
    Suspended members
    Alphabetical list of members with addresses (no dates included)
    Session minutes
    Minutes (finances and other boards)

Valley Presbyterian[edit | edit source]

Organized as United Church of Onondaga Hollow and Salina, 1810
as Second Presbyterian Church, 1821

Reformed[edit | edit source]

First Reformed[edit | edit source]

  • Golden jubilee of the organization of the First Reformed Church, James Street, Syracuse, N.Y.;: observed May 15, 16, and 17, 1898 (FHL)

Roman Catholic[edit | edit source]

Diocese of Syracuse[edit | edit source]

  • History of the diocese of Syracuse : established 1886; story of the parishes, 1615-1909 (FHL)

St. James' Roman Catholic[edit | edit source]

  • Memorial of the consecration of St. James' Church, Syracuse, N. Y.: being the rector's sixth New Year's offering to his parishioners, pub. 1854 (FHL)
  • A Memorial of the enlargement of St. James' Church, Syracuse: being the Rector's ninth annual address, delivered in the church, October 18, 1867 (FHL)