Swedish Genealogical Words beginning with V, W

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The Swedish language does not use the sound "Wha" for the letter W. It is always pronounced as a V (as in Victor.)

Swedish English
vad what
vagnmakare cartwright
vaktmästare caretaker
vallon Walloon
vandel conduct, habits, way of life
vapen coat of arms, weapon
var each, everyone
var was, where
vara to be
varför why
vattenkoppor chicken pox
vattusot, vattensot edema, dropsy
vecka week
vem who
venerisk sjukdom venereal disease
verk factory, mill
vid at, on, close to, by
vigd, vigda, vigde married
vigsel marriage ceremony
vigselbok marriage book
vigsellängd marriage record
vilja to want, will
vilken, vilket, vilka who, which, that
vinter winter
vittne witness
volym volume
våda accident
vår our, spring
välboren of noble birth
välfrejdad of good reputation
vänster left
värk ache
värnplikt military service
väster (västra) west (western)
vävare weaver