Swedish Genealogical Words beginning with O

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Swedish English
oangiven not given
obefintliga persons whose residence is not known
och and
också also
odaterad not dated
odöpt not christened
ofta often
ofärdig lame, crippled
ogift unmarried
oktober October
okänd unknown
olycka accident, misfortune
om if, about
omkommen died accidentally, drowned
omkring about
omvändelse conversion
omyndig minor
onsdag Wednesday
ondslag syphilis
ordbok dictionary
ormbett bitten by a snake
orsak cause, reason
ort place
ortförteckning locality list, gazetteer
ortodox (Eastern) Orthodox
otidigt sängelag conceived before marriage
ovan, ovanför above
oxel tumour
oäkta illegitimate (child)


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