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| banns
| banns
| lysningslängd
| lysningslängd  
| banns register
| banns register
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=== References  ===
=== References  ===
FamilySearch. <u>Genealogical Word List, Swedish</u>. Intellectual Reserve, Inc., Salt Lake City, 1997 <br>  
FamilySearch. <u>Genealogical Word List, Swedish</u>. Family History Department, Salt Lake City, 1997 <br>  

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Swedish English
lag law
laga år kommen of legal age
land land, country
landsarkiv provincial archive
landsförsamling rural parish of a city
landskap province
lapp Lapp
ledig unmarried, free
leva to live
levande living
lik corpse
lilla little, small
liten little, small
lots sea pilot
lucka gap (missing records)
lunginflammation pneumonia
lungsot consumption, tuberculosis
luteran, lutersk Lutheran
lysning banns
lysningslängd banns register
lyst posted banns
låg low
lägersmål illicit relations
lägrad kvinna woman who has had illicit relations
lägre lower
läkare doctor
län county
längd roll, record, book
länsman sheriff
lärare teacher
lärling apprentice
lönskaläge illicit relations between unmarried persons
löpande current
lördag Saturday
lösdrivare vagrant


FamilySearch. Genealogical Word List, Swedish. Family History Department, Salt Lake City, 1997