Swedish Genealogical Words beginning with A

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Swedish English
adelsman nobleman
arton(de) eighteen (eighteenth)
adlig noble
adopterad adopted
adress address
adressbok directory
afton evening
aldrig never
alla, allt all
alltid always
andra second, others
andtäppa shortness of breath, asthma
anfall seizure(s)
angiven given, stated
ankom came, arrived
anmärkningar remarks, annotations
annan other
antavla pedigree chart
anteckning note, annotation, remark
april April
arbetare worker, laborer
arkiv archive
arrendator tenant farmer, leaseholder
arton eighteen
arv inheritance
arvinge heir
arvskifte distribution of an inherited estate
att that (for example: know that he died)
attest certificate
augusti August
av of
avgift fee
avgång departure
avgått moved
avgått med döden died (departed through death)
avliden deceased, death
avskedad discharged, resigned
avsomna die, death
avvittring assignment of an inheritance to children of first marriage


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