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The Swedish Genealogical Word List shows Swedish words and their English translations for many words that are found in documents used to research Swedish ancestors. If the word you are looking for is not on this list, please consult a Swedish-English dictionary. (See "Additional Resources" below.)

Swedish is a Germanic language like Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. A major spelling and grammar reform was introduced in Sweden in 1917. The spelling section in "Language Characteristics" below, along with the English to Swedish Word list are designed to help you find the words you need.

The entire Swedish to English word list is available in PDF see File:Swedish to English Word List from the FamilySearch Wiki May 2011.pdf.


Swedish is spoken in Sweden and parts of Finland. The Swedish language was used in official records of Finland until the end of the 1800s.

Variant Forms of Words

In Swedish, as in English, the forms of some words will vary according to how they are used in a sentence. Who—whose—whom or marry—marries— married are examples of words in English with variant forms. The endings of a word in a document may differ from those in this list. Also, vowels sometimes have diacritical marks indicating a variant spelling of a Swedish word (for example the conjugation of a verb.) Note the following examples:

the man
the men
the profession
the professions

Alphabetical Order

Swedish has three additional letters not found in the English alphabet: Å (å), Ä (ä), and Ö (ö). Alphabetically, these letters come after Z. The letter Å (å) was always used in Swedish as a letter of its own (unlike the Aa in Danish and Norwegian). Swedish dictionaries, indexes, the Place Search of the Family History Library Catalog, and this word list use the following alphabetical order:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Å, Ä, Ö 


Spelling rules were not standardized in earlier centuries. The following spelling variations are common.

b used for p
c used for k
ch used for k
d used for t
e used for ä
f used for v
g used for k
i used for j
j used for g, gj, hj, lj, dj
k used for ck, ch,g, gg, c
o for å

q used for k
s used for skj, sch, sj, stj, ss, c, z
sk used for k, kj, ch
t used for q
tj used for ki
u used for v
v seen as hv
w used for v
x used for ks
z used for s
å used for o
ä used for e


kvinna seen as qvinna
kärr seen as tjärr
mjölnare seen as miölnare

skov seen as schov
vilken seen as hvilken
änka seen as enka

Word List

Swedish English
adelsman nobleman
arton(de) eighteen (eighteenth)
adlig noble
adopterad adopted
adress address
adressbok directory
afton evening
aldrig never
alla, allt all
alltid always
ambarn nursing child
andra second, others
andtäppa shortness of breath, asthma
anfall seizure(s)
angiven given, stated
ankom came, arrived
anmärkningar remarks, annotations
annan other
antavla pedigree chart
anteckning note, annotation, remark
april April
arbetare worker, laborer
arkiv archive
arrendator tenant farmer, leaseholder
arton eighteen
arv inheritance
arvinge heir
arvskifte distribution of an inherited estate
att that (for example: know that he died)
attest certificate
augusti August
av of
avgift fee
avgång departure
avgått moved
avgått med döden died (departed through death)
avliden deceased, death
avskedad discharged, resigned
avsomna die, death
avvittring assignment of an inheritance to children of first marriage
backe hill
backstugusittare one who owned a small cottage, dugout dweller
bagare baker
bakom behind
baneman slayer
baneslag death blow, mortal stroke
banesår death wound, mortal wound
bann excommunication
banna to scold, chide, reprehend, reprove
bannlysa to excommunicate
baptist Baptist
bar carried
bara only
bar barnet carried or held the child (at baptism font)
barn child(ren)
barnbarn grandchild(ren)
barnbok preconfirmation roll (in Finland)
barnlös childless
barnmorska midwife
barnmördare murderer of a child
barnpiga maid for children
barnsbörd, barnsäng childbirth
barnsjuka children's disease
barnsnöd complication at childbirth
barnsäng childbirth
barnsängsfeber perpetual complications or sickness at birth
befolkning population
begrava bury
begravning burial
begravningslängd burial record
begravningsplats cemetery
begått H(errens) H(eliga) Nattvard taken the Lord\'s Holy Communion
benröta bone-rotting disease
benåd pardon
benämd called
berg hill, mountain
bergfolk mountain people, highlanders
bergslag mining district
bergsman miner
beskattning taxation
beskrivning description
besökare customs official (archaic), visitor (modern)
betjänt servant, civil servant
bettlare beggar
betyg certificate
bevaka protect
bevis certificate, proof, evidence
bevistat läsförhören present at household examination (clerical survey)
beväring conscript
beväringsman recruit
bilaga supplement, enclosure
biografi biography
biträde assistant
blind blind
bliva to become
blodsjuka blood disorder
blodslag cerebal stroke
blodstörtning severe or sudden bleeding
blödning bleeding
bo to live, home, estate
bok book
bokhållare bookkeeper
bonde farmer
borg castle, fortress
borgare citizen, burgher
borgmästare mayor
borta absent
bortgift married elsewhere
bostad domicile
boupptekning probate, estate inventory
bredvid next to
bro bridge
bror brother
brorsdotter niece, brother\'s daughter
brorsson nephew, brother\'s son
brottfällig epileptic fits
brud bride
brudfolk bridal couple
brudgum bridegroom
brudpar bridal couple
bruk foundry, mill, iron industry
brukare tenant farmer, leaseholder
bruksarbetare foundryman, mill hand, iron worker
bryggare brewer
bräcklighet frailty
brännsjuka feber disease, literally a "burning disease"
bröllop wedding
bröstarvinge heir
bröstfeber pneumonia
bröstsjuka chest illness, pneumonia
bröstkov shortness of breath
bröstkvav shortness of breath, can mean suffocation
bröstlidande chest disease
bröstpassion chest pain
bröstveda chest disease
bröstvärk chest pain
bukbet abdominal pain
brukbrok umbilical hernia
bukrev constipation
bukvred intestinal blockage
by village
bygd countryside, region, area
byggmästare contractor, builder
båda both
båtsman seaman, sailor
bägge both
bägges barn child of both parents
bälgslag colic
böcker books
böld abscess, boil
böter fee, fine
bötfälld fined
circa (ca.) (Latin) about, approximately
civilregistret civil registrar
coopvaerdi merchant marine
dag day
dagkarl day laborer
dal valley
Danmark Denmark
danneman farmer, gentleman
dansk danish
datum date
de they
december December
de där those
de här these
deja maidservant, milkmaid
demoiselle Miss
delinqventer delinquent, criminal (old spellling)
den the, it
den där that
den här this
deras their
dess his, her, its
det the, it
det där that
det här this
diarre diarrhea
djärv bold, daring, venturesome
dom sentence, judgment
dom sentence, judgment
domare judge
dombok court record
domsaga judicial district
dop baptism, christening
doplängd record of baptisms
dopnamn given name
dotter daughter
dragon light cavalryman
drunknad drowned
dräng farmhand, bachelor
duplikat duplicate record
dygn 24 hours, day
där there
därstädes (of) that place
död, döda, döde dead, death
dödbok death record
dödfödd stillborn
dödslista death record
dödsorsak cause of death
död utan bröstarvinge died without issue
döpt, döpta, döpte, döpelse christening
dött has died
döv deaf
efter after
efterkommande descendant(s)
eftermiddag afternoon
efternamn surname
efter sig lämnat left behind, survived by
egendom property
ej not
eldsvåda extensive fire
elfte eleventh
eller or
elva eleven
emigrerade emigrated
en, ett a, one
en/ett hundra(de) one hundred (one-hundredth)
en/ett tusen(de) one thousand (one-thousandth)
Engelska sjukan ricketts (vitamin deficiency)
enligt according to
epilepsi epilepsy
ett, en a, one
evangelisk evangelical
fabrik factory, mill
fabriksarbetare factory worker
fadder christening witness, godparent
fader father
falla fall, to be killed in war
fallande sot epilepsy
familj family
far father
farbror paternal uncle
farfar paternal grandfather
farmor paternal grandmother
fasta fast, Lent
faster paternal aunt
fattig poor
fattighjon pauper
fattighus poorhouse
f. d. (före detta) former(ly)
feber fever
feberfrossa malaria
februari February
fem(te) five (fifth)
femtio(nde) fifty (fiftieth)
femton(de) fifteen (fifteenth)
finländare, finne Finn
finsk Finnish
fiskare fisherman
fjol (i fjol) last year
fjorton(de) fourteen (fourteenth)
fjärde fourth
fjärdingsman parish constable
flicka girl
flicknamn maiden name
fluss any disease related to fluids
flytta move
flyttningsbetyg certificate of moving
fogde sheriff, bailiff, warden
folio page
fortsättning (forts.) continued
fosterbarn foster child
fosterland native land, fatherland
framför in front of
fredag Friday
frejd a person\'s character, conduct
friherre baron
frilla concubine
frillebarn bastard child
frossa malaria
fru Mrs.
från from
frånskild divorced
frälse nobility
frälsegård, frälsehemman tax-exempt farm (farm owned by a nobleman who collected the tax)
främmande foreign, strange, belonging to another parish
fröken Miss
fulslag inflammation at the edge of a finger
fylleri drunkenness
fyra four
fyrtio(nde) forty (fortieth)
fältfeber typhoid fever
fältskär assistant army surgeon, barber- surgeon
fältväbel sergeant major
fästehjon betrothed couple, engaged pair
fästekvinna fiancée (female)
fästman fiancé (male)
fästmö fiancée (female)
fästning fortress
född, födda, födde, födelse born, birth
föddes was born
födelse birth
födelsebok birth record
födelsedag birthday
födelselängd birth record
födelseort place of birth
födorådstagare a person supported by another after giving up their estate. For example, residing for free, tax exemption, and receiving other fringe benefits. May be abbreviated as: Ftgr
följande following, next
för for
fördelsman person receiving support after giving his estate to another
fördärvad severely crippled
före before
föregående previous, preceding
förelyst banns (in Finland)
förening society
förfäder forefathers
förgiftad poisoned
förhör household examination
förklara declared, explained
förkylning common cold
förlossning delivery (childbirth)
förlovad engaged
förlovning engagement
förmiddag morning, forenoon
förmyndare guardian
förmäla marry (older term)
förnamn given name
förra giftet previous marriage
förre, (den) former
förrätta perform
församling parish, congregation
församlingsbok clerical survey
första first
första gången first time
förstoppning constipation
försumlighet negligence, neglectfulness
försvarslös unemployed person, vagrant
förteckning list
föräldralös orphan
föräldrar parents
gamla old
gamla boken (G.B.) old book, previous clerical survey
gammal old
garvare tanner
gata street
genast right away, immediately
genealogi genealogy
genom through
gesäll journeyman
gift married
gifta sig to marry
gifte marriage
giftermål marriage ceremony
giftoman bride\'s sponsor
gikt gout
god good
gosse boy
granne neighbor
gratialist receiving a pension or cash from some special fund
grav grave
grekisk katolsk Eastern Orthodox
grenadjär infantryman
greve count (title of nobility)
gruva mine
gräns boundary line, border
gudfader godfather
gudmoder godmother
gulsot jaundice
gång time
gård farm, house
gåvor donations
gäll (gäld) clerical district
gästgivare innkeeper
gördelmakare brazier
halv- half-, step-
halvsyskon half siblings
hammarsmed forging smith
han he
handelsman merchant
handskmakare glove maker
hans his
hantverkare artisan
hastig acute
hattmakare hatmaker
hava to have
havande pregnant
hederlig honorable, honest
hektisk feber infectious disease accompanying a fever
helig holy
hem home
hemma at home
hemman farm, homestead
hemmansbrukare farmer
hemmansägare farmer, homeowner
hemort residence
hemvist domicile
henne her
heraldik heraldry
herr Mr.
Herren Lord
herrgård manorial estate
hetsig feber inflammatory fever
hinderlös free, unhindered (to travel, marry)
hinderlöshetsbetyg certificate of being unhindered
historia history
hittebarn foundling
hjon person belonging to a group, for example tjänstehjon, inhysseshjon, fattighjon
hjonelag connubial union (union in the state of marriage)
hjulmakare wheelwright
hjärnblödning stroke, cerebral hemorrhage
hjärtslag cardiac arrest
hjärtsprång heart disease
hon she
honom him
hos at, in, with
hosta cough
hovrätt circuit court of appeal
hur how
hus house
husar light cavalryman
husbonde master of a family or of a house
husfader head of household, father
husfolk farmers, farm people
husförhör, husförhörslängd clerical survey, household examination
husman farm laborer (owned house but not land)
husmoder female head of household, mother
hustru wife
hyresgäst lodger
håll och styng pneumonia
här here
härad civil district within a county
häradsrätt district court
härstädes here, at given location
hög high
höger right
höst autumn
i in
icke not
i dag today
i fjol last year
ifrån from
i går yesterday
ihjälslagen beaten to death
i morgon tomorrow
inflyttning incoming, moving in
inflyttningsbetyg moving in certificate
inflyttningslängd moving in register
ingen no, no one, none
inget nothing, none
inhyses a person living gratis (costless, free) at another persons house, lodger
innehåll contents
innevarande current
inskrivning entry
invandrare immigrant
invandring immigration
januari January
jord earth, soil, land
jordbrukare farmer
jordebok land record
jordegumma midwife
jordfästning funeral, burial service
jude Jew
judisk Jewish
jul Christmas
juli July
jungfru Miss, maiden, virgin
juni June
jägare hunter
jägmästare forester
jämte together with
kallad called, named
kallbrand gangrene
kammarskrivare assistant clerk
kapellförsamling chapelry, dependent branch of a parish
kaplan assistant minister
karbunkel carbuncle
karl man, male
karta map
katalog directory, catalog
katekismilängd communion record
katolsk Catholic
kavallerist cavalryman
kikhosta whooping cough
klensmed toolmaker, locksmith
klockare parish clerk
knekt soldier
knektekontrakt agreement of enrollment
kofferdi merchant marine
kolare charcoal burner
kolera cholera
kolik colic
kommen ifrån came from
komminister assistant minister
kommun township, municipality, parish
kommunikant person receiving communion
kommunionbok communion book
kommunionlängd communion record
konfirmation confirmation
konfirmationslängd confirmation record
kontrahenterna marriage applicants
kontrakt deanery (clerical district)
konung, kung king
konvulsioner convulsions
kopparslagare coppersmith
koppor smallpox
kov shortness of breath
kramp convulsions
krank illness
krigsarkiv war archive, military archive
kristendomskunskap religious knowledge
kristnad christened, baptized
krono- belonging to the crown (government)
kronohemman farm owned by the crown (government)
krukmakare potter
kräfta cancer
kung, konung king
kungarike kingdom
kunglig royal
kusin cousin
kvarlåtenskap possessions left after death
kvarn mill
kvarter block, quarter
kvinna, kvinnkjön woman, female
kväll evening
kvävning suffocation
kyrka church
kyrkobok parish register
kyrkoby village in which the parish church is located
kyrkogång introduction of mother into congregation after childbirth
kyrkogård churchyard, cemetery
kyrkoherde parish minister
kyrkosocken ecclesiastical parish
kyrkotagen introduction of mother into congregation after childbirth
kyrkovaktare church officer
kyrkovärd church or parish warden
käresta loved one, wife
kön sex, gender
köpebrev purchase deed, title deed
köping small town
köpman merchant
körsnär furrier
lag law
laga år kommen of legal age
land land, country
landsarkiv provincial archive
landsförsamling rural parish of a city
landskap province
lapp Lapp
ledig unmarried, free
leva to live
levande living
lik corpse
lilla little, small
liten little, small
lots sea pilot
lucka gap (missing records)
lunginflammation pneumonia
lungsot consumption, tuberculosis
luteran, lutersk Lutheran
lysning banns
lysningslängd banns register
lyst posted banns
låg low
lägersmål illicit relations
lägrad kvinna woman who has had illicit relations
lägre lower
läkare doctor
län county
längd roll, record, book
länsman sheriff
lärare teacher
lärling apprentice
lönskaläge illicit relations between unmarried persons
löpande current
lördag Saturday
lösdrivare vagrant
magref colic
magsjukdom stomach disease
magvärk stomachache
magskärv painful stomach disease
maj May
majestät royal majesty (as in Kunglig Majestät)
majestätsbrott treason
maka wife
makarnas gemensamma barn child(ren) a couple had together
make husband
mamsell Miss
man, mankjön man, male, husband
mantal assessed unit of land
mantalskriven registered for tax/census purposes
mantalslängd tax/census record
marknad market, fair
mars March
maskslag fainting
maskinist machinist, engineer
matros sailor, seaman
med with
medborgare citizen
medlem member
mellan between
men but
middag noon
midnatt midnight
militär military
minderårig underage
mindre lesser, smaller
ministerialbok parish register
minut minute
mjölnare miller
moder, mor mother
moderpassion hysteric fits
morbror maternal uncle
morfar maternal grandfather
morgon morning
morgongåva morning gift, dowry
mormor maternal grandmother
mosaisk Jewish
moster maternal aunt
mot against, toward
murare mason
mycket very, much
myndig of legal age
myndling pupil or ward
måg son-in-law
målsman guardian
månad month
måndag Monday
mässling measles
mästare master
mördad murdered
namn name
nationalitet nationality
natt night
nattvard communion
nedan(för) below
nedkomst birth
nedre lower
nervfeber typhoid fever
nervslag sudden paralysis
nio(nde) nine (ninth)
nittio(nde) ninety (nintieth)
nitton(de) nineteen (nineteenth)
njurpassion kidney stone disease
noll zero
nord north
Norge Norway
norr(a) north, northern
norsk Norwegian
november November
nu now
nummer number
ny (a) new
nya boken (N.B.) new book, next clerical survey
nybyggare settler
nyfödd newborn
nytt new
någon someone, anyone
något something, somewhat
nämdeman juryman
när when
nära near
näringsfång source of livelihood, business, industry
närvarande present
närvaro presence
nöddop emergency baptism
oangiven not given
obefintliga persons whose residence is not known
och and
också also
odaterad not dated
odöpt not christened
ofta often
ofärdig lame, crippled
ogift unmarried
oktober October
okänd unknown
olycka accident, misfortune
om if, about
omkommen died accidentally, drowned
omkring about
omvändelse conversion
omyndig minor
onsdag Wednesday
ondslag syphilis
ordbok dictionary
ormbett bitten by a snake
orsak cause, reason
ort place
ortförteckning locality list, gazetteer
ortodox (Eastern) Orthodox
otidigt sängelag fornication betweeen a couple who intends to marry (who are not engaged)
ovan, ovanför above
oxel tumour
oäkta illegitimate (child)
passion suffering
pastor parish minister
pastorat parish
pastorsexpedition parish office
personernas the person\'s
pest plague
piga maid, maiden, servant girl
pilt(ebarn) boy, male child
pingst Pentecost, Whitsunday
pliktad fined
plåga pain
podager gout
pojke boy
profoss flogmaster (military)
prost dean
prosteri deanery
präst minister
prästgård parsonage
on, upon, at (some place), in (about time)
påsk Easter
påssjuka mumps
regemente regiment
register register, index
repslagare rope maker
Riddarhuset house of nobility
rike state, realm
riksarkiv national archives, state archives
rote district within a parish
rotehjon person supported by a parish district
rotesoldat soldier for a district in a parish
rulla record, roll
rusthåll farm equipping a (cavalry) soldier
rusthållare owner of a farm equipping a cavalry soldier
rymt, rymd runaway
rysk, ryss Russian
Ryssland Russia
ryttare cavalryman
rådhusrätt city court
rådman councilman
rådstu(gu)rätt city court
räkenskapslängd records of accounts
rätt court, right, correct
rättare farm foreman
rödsot dysentery
röta gangrene
rötfeber gangrene, typhus fever, putrid fever
sakna(s) miss, missing
salig the deceased, blessed
samhälle community
samma (the) same
sammanavla beget, conceive
sammanviga marry
samma städes (of) the same place
samt and, together with
samtycke permission, consent (to)
scharlakansfeber scarlet fever
sedan since
sekel century
senare, (den) later, the latter
sent late
september September
sex six
sexman parish caretaker
sextio(nde) sixty (sixtieth)
sexton(de) sixteen (sixteenth)
sida page
sig himself, herself, itself
sin, sitt, sina his, her, its (own)
sinnessvag feebleminded
sjelfspillan one who committed suicide (old spelling)
sju seven
sjuk sick
sjukdom sickness
sjuklig sickly
sjunde seventh
sjuttio(nde) seventy (seventieth)
sjutton(de) seventeen (seventeenth)
självmord suicide
sjätte sixth
sjö lake
sjöman sailor, seaman
skarprättare executioner, hangman
skarpskytt sharpshooter
skatt tax
skattehemman farm on which taxes are to be paid to the crown (government)
skeppare skipper
skerfva rickets or malnutrition
skilsmässa divorce
skog forest
skogvaktare forester
skola school
skollärare schoolteacher
skomakare shoemaker
skorstensfejare chimney-sweep
skottår leap year
skrud gown (bridal)
skräddare tailor
skörbjugg scurvy
slag(anfall) stroke
slagen af åskan hit by lightning
slagsmål fight
slaktare meat cutter, butcher
slot castle
slut end
släkt family, clan
släktbok lineage book
släktforskning genealogy
släkting relative
släktled generation
smed blacksmith
smittkoppor smallpox
smärta pain
små (plural) little, small
snatteri pilfering
snickare carpenter
socken parish
soldat soldier
som who, which, that
sommar summer
son son
sondotter son\'s daughter, granddaughter
sonhustru son\'s wife, daughter-in-law
sonson son\'s son, grandson
sotdöd old age
sotsäng sickbed
spannmålstorpare tenant farmer, receiving part of his wages in grain
spinnare spinner
spridda år intermittent years
stad city
stadsarkiv city archives
stadsförsamling city parish
stamfader progenitor
stamtavla descendancy chart
statare, statdräng farm laborer
stattorpare farm laborer, usually married
stenhuggare stonecutter
stenpassion gallbladder disease
sterbhus a family or house where the master or mistress of the house is dead
stift diocese
stoft mortal remains, or ashes
stor, stort, stora large, big, great
straff punishment
straffarbete hard labor
strax right away, immediately
strypsjuka diptheria
stuga cottage, house
stum dumb, mute
stupa to be killed in war
styrman mate, on ship
styv- step-
styvson stepson
stånd status, condition
ståndsperson person of social standing
ställe place
stärbhus death estate
stöld theft
svaghet weakness, feebleness
svagsint feebleminded
sven young man, apprentice
svensk Swedish
Sverige Sweden
svullnad swelling, bloating
svulst tumor
svåger brother-in-law
svägerska sister-in-law
svärfar father-in-law
svärmor mother-in-law
svärson son-in-law
syd south
syskon siblings
syskonbarn nephew(s), niece(s), cousin(s)
syssling second cousin, tremänning
syster sister
systerdotter niece, sister\'s daughter
systerson nephew, sister\'s son
syting person receiving support after giving his estate to another
såg saw, sawmill
sågställare saw setter
sängliggande bed-ridden
särskilda special
säteri freehold estate
söder (södra) south (southern)
söndag Sunday
testamente will
tid time
tidskrift periodical
tiggare beggar
till to
tillsammans together
tillstånd dispensation, permission
timma hour
timmerman carpenter, builder
ting court
tingslag judicial district, assize division
tio(nde) ten (tenth)
tionde tenth, tithing
tiondebok tithing record
tisdag Tuesday
tjugo twenty
tjugoandra twenty-second
tjugoen, tjugoett twenty-one
tjugofem(te) twenty-five (twenty-fifth)
tjugofjärde twenty-fourth
tjugofyra twenty-four
tjugoförsta twenty-first
tjugonde twentieth
tjugonio (nde) twenty-nine (twenty-ninth)
tjugosex twenty-six
tjugosju(nde) twenty-seven (twenty-seventh)
tjugosjätte twenty-sixth
tjugotre twenty-three
tjugotredje twenty-third
tjugotvå twenty-two
tjugoåtta twenty-eight
tjugoåttonde twenty-eighth
tjuv thief
tjänar serves
tjänare servant
tjänst service, employment
tolfte twelfth
tolv twelve
torpare crofter, cottager
torsdag Thursday
tre (tredje) three (third)
tremänning second cousin
trettio thirty
trettioen, trettioett thirty-one
trettioförsta thirty-first
trettionde thirtieth
tretton(de) thirteen (thirteenth)
trillingar triplets
trolovade betrothed, engaged
trosbekännelse declaration of faith (religion)
trumslagare drummer
trädgårdsmästare gardener
tuberkulos tuberculosis
tumör tumor
tunnbindare barrelmaker
tvillingar twins
tvinsot withering from multiple causes
två two
två hundra(de) two hundred (two-hundredth)
tyfus typhoid
tysk German
Tyskland Germany
tärande sjukdom pneumonia, consumption
undantag support after giving up an estate
undantagsman kvinna person receiving support after giving his estate to another
under under
underskrift signature
undertecknad the undersigned
ung young
ungkarl bachelor
uppgavs stated, given, declared
ut out
utan without
utanför outside
utdrag extract
utesluten excommunicated
utflyttning moving out
utflyttningsbetyg moving out certificates
utflyttningslängd moving out register
utländsk foreign
utsot diarrhea
utvandrare emigrant
utvandring emigration
vad what
vagnmakare cartwright
vaktmästare caretaker
vallon Walloon, for more see: Vallons in Sweden
vandel conduct, habits, way of life
vapen coat of arms, weapon
var each, everyone
var was, where
vara to be
varför why
vattenkoppor chicken pox
vattusot, vattensot edema, dropsy
vecka week
vem who
venerisk sjukdom venereal disease
verk factory, mill
vid at, on, close to, by
vigd, vigda, vigde married
vigsel marriage ceremony
vigselbok marriage book
vigsellängd marriage record
vilja to want, will
vilken, vilket, vilka who, which, that
vinter winter
vittne witness
volym volume
våda accident
vådeligen violently (usually an accidental death)
vår our, spring
välboren of noble birth
välfrejdad (abbrev. v.fr.) of good reputation
vänster left
värk ache, dull pain
värnplikt military service
väster (västra) west (western)
vävare weaver
yngling young man, boy
yrke profession, occupation
å at, on, to
å river
åbo tenant farmer with conditional, inherited lease
åkomma ailment
ålder age
ålderdom old age
år year
århundrade century
årlig annual, yearly
årtionde decade
åt to
återvänd returned
åtta eight
åttio(nde) eighty (eightieth)
åttonde eighth
äga own
ägare owner
ägor land, property
äkta legitimate
äktenskap marriage
äldre older, elder
äldste oldest, eldest, elder
ämbete office
änka widow
änkeman, änkling widower
ännu yet, still
är are, is, am
ärlig honest
ätt family
ö island
öde vacant, fate
öga eye
öra ear
öster (östra) east (eastern)
över over
överlevande survivor(s)
övre upper


This word list includes only words most commonly found in genealogical sources. For further help, use a Swedish-English dictionary. Several Swedish-English dictionaries are available at the Family History Library. These are in the Scandinavian collection. Their call numbers begin with 439.7321.

The following dictionary is also available on microfilm for use inFamily History Centers:

Additional dictionaries are listed in the Subject Search of the Family History Library Catalog under SWEDISH LANGUAGE - DICTIONARIES or in the Place Search under SWEDEN - LANGUAGE AND LANGUAGES - DICTIONARIES.

Key Words

To find and use specific types of Swedish records, you will need to know some key words in Swedish. This section lists key genealogical terms in English and the Swedish words with the same or similar meanings.

For example, in the first column you will find the English word marriage. In the second column you will find Swedish words with meanings such as marry, marriage, wedding, wedlock, unite, legitimate, joined,and other words used in Swedish records to indicate marriage.

clerical survey
household, examination roll

moving in
moving out
name, given
name, surname

födda, födde, född, födelse
döpta, döpte, döpt, döpelse, dop
döda, döde, död, avliden, avsomna
far, fader
kvinnkön, kvinna
husförhörslängd, förhör

man, make
mankön, man
vigda, vigde, vigd, vigsel, gift, gifte, giftermål, bröllop, brudfolk
militär, soldat
mor, moder
socken, församling, kommun
hustru, maka