Swedish Congregational Records (Församlingsböcker)

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In compliance with the Royal ordinance of Aug. 6, 1894[1] the Husförhörslängd record was replaced with a new record called a Församlingsbok. This book was used to register all the people who resided in a parish (like the husförhör) but without the religious emphasis. At this time the notation of when a person took communion and how well they did on the catechus examination was removed. They still noted if a person was christened and confirmed. You will also see the names of all the household members with their birth, marriage, death, and moving information.

When the försmlingsbok was first used, generally the families were organized according to where they lived. By the mid 1900’s many were organized alphabetically by surname.

The församlingsbok continued to be used right up to July 1, 1991 when the population registration was turned over to the tax authorities.


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