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Some abbreviations (Förkortningar) used in the gazetteer Svenska Orter and Swedish Church Records.<br>
An abbreviation is a "shortened form of a written word or phrase that is used in the place of the whole."<ref>Merriam-Webster online at: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/abbreviation</ref> The practice of using abbreviations was conviniant for the author but not for the reader. Sometimes the abbreviation is a commonly used one that most people would recognize correctly. Other times it isn't clear, or may be be so obscure that nobody really knows except the author. Here are some abbreviations that you may come accross in your Swedish family history research.:<br>  
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| Abbreviation  
| '''Abbreviation'''
| Swedish  
| '''Swedish'''
| English
| '''English'''
| a.  
| a.  
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| backst.  
| backst.  
| backstugesittare  
| backstugesittare  
| owner of a small cottage and a small piece of land
| resident of a small house or shed
| bandl.  
| bandl.  
Line 478: Line 478:
| födelsebok  
| födelsebok  
| birth book
| birth book
| F.B., f.b.
| före boken
| previous book
| f.d.  
| f.d.  
Line 643: Line 647:
| Gotland (island)
| Gotland (island)
| graff  
| graff.
| begrafning  
| begrafning  
| burial, interment
| burial, interment
Line 1,187: Line 1,191:
| natural (in reference to having had smallpox)
| natural (in reference to having had smallpox)
| nat.
| nat.  
| nata
| nata  
| born
| born
Line 1,247: Line 1,251:
| number
| number
| nup.
| nup.  
| nuptiae (Latin)
| nuptiae (Latin)  
| wedding
| wedding
Line 1,274: Line 1,278:
| oäkta dotter  
| oäkta dotter  
| daughter out of wedlock
| daughter out of wedlock
| o.d.h.
| och dess hustru
| and his wife
| og.  
| og.  
Line 1,312: Line 1,320:
| p., pag.  
| p., pag.  
| pagina (Latin)
| pagina (Latin)  
| page
| page
Line 1,371: Line 1,379:
| female witness at christening
| female witness at christening
| Qv.mil
| Qv.mil  
| qvadratmil
| qvadratmil  
| square mile
| square mile
Line 1,480: Line 1,488:
| sep.  
| sep.  
| sepultus (Latin)
| sepultus (Latin)  
| buried
| buried
Line 1,535: Line 1,543:
| worker in a shoemaker's shop
| worker in a shoemaker's shop
| skplg.
| skplg.  
| skeppslag
| skeppslag  
| district along the coast
| district along the coast
Line 1,587: Line 1,595:
| old unit of measurement
| old unit of measurement
| spons.
| spons.  
| sponsorer
| sponsorer  
| witness
| witness
Line 1,791: Line 1,799:
| assessed value
| assessed value
| Ty.
| Ty.  
| Tysk  
| Tysk  
| German
| German
Line 1,810: Line 1,818:
| utom mantal  
| utom mantal  
| not included in the taxation census register
| not included in the taxation census register
| u.n.u.
| utan namn under
| without name under
| undant.enka  
| undant.enka  
Line 1,845: Line 1,857:
| utfl  
| utfl  
| utflyttad  
| utflyttad  
| moved out  
| moved out
| u.ä.  
| u.ä.  
Line 1,863: Line 1,875:
| west
| west
| vacc.
| vacc.  
| vaccinera
| vaccinera  
| (to) vaccinate
| (to) vaccinate
Line 1,959: Line 1,971:
| the oldest
| the oldest
| Ö., Ö:a
| Ö., Ö:a  
| östra  
| östra  
| east, eastern
| east, eastern
Line 1,987: Line 1,999:
| upper
| upper

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An abbreviation is a "shortened form of a written word or phrase that is used in the place of the whole."[1] The practice of using abbreviations was conviniant for the author but not for the reader. Sometimes the abbreviation is a commonly used one that most people would recognize correctly. Other times it isn't clear, or may be be so obscure that nobody really knows except the author. Here are some abbreviations that you may come accross in your Swedish family history research.:

Abbreviation Swedish English
a. anno (Latin) year
a.a. ad acta (Latin) to the record
a.-b. aktiebolag (-et) joint stock company
abs. absolvera (to) absolve
abs. absens (Latin) not present
a.d. anno domini (Latin) in the year of the Lord
adm. admitterad confirmed
a.f. annan fastighet, andra fastigheter other property (ies)
afg. afgång decease, depart to, departure
afl. afliden (to) expire, die
afsk., afsked. afskedade discharge, resigned
afskr. afskrift transcript
allm. allmän (-na) common
a.n. ante nuptius (Latin) illegitimate, birth before marriage
ank. ankommande arrived
anm. anmärkning remark, annotation
annot. annotation note, annotation
arb. arbetare worker, laborer
arb. bet. arbetsbetyg work permit
arrend. arrendator tenant farmer, leaseholder
art. artikel (-n) article
arv. arvingar heir(s)
avd. avdelning (-ar) division, part of
avg. avgående leaving
avs. avsöndring (ar) severance, seperated
avskr. afskift transcript
b. bonden farmer, peasant
b. barnet the child
backst. backstugesittare resident of a small house or shed
bandl. bandland group land
banktj:man banktjänsteman bank servant
bar. barn child, children
b.b. bär barnet carried the child at christening
bef. befordrande promotion
beg. begraven buried
begr. begraven buried
bg. bergslag region abounding in mines; mountain district
b.i.1stg. barn i förste gift child(ren) of the first marriage
bisp. biskop bishop
bl.a. bland annat among other things
Blek. Blekinge Blekinge (county)
blg. bergslag region abounding in mines; mountain distict
bond. bonde famer, peasant
bondeförb. bondeförbundet farming cooperative
borgerl. borgerliga (-a) civil, middle class
bou. bouppteckning inventory of the estate
br. bror brother
br. brukare user, employer; farmer, tenant
br. bröder brothers
brod. broder brother
brudg. brudgum bridegroom
bröd. bröderna brothers
byggm. byggmästare building contractor
ca., c:a circa (L) about
caut. cautionister witness
c:o kompani company
cop. copulerad (Latin) married
copul. copulatus (Latin) married, marriage
cr. crono crown owned, pertaining to the crown (government)
cr.h., cr.hem crono hem crown owned home
d. den the
d.(D.) dotter daughter
d. det it
d. död dead
dagl. dagligen daily
d.b. denna bok this book
db dödbok death book/register
d.g. den gamla the old
d.h. dess hustru his wife
d.i.1stg. dotter i förste giftet daughter of the first marriage
dir. direktör (er) director (s)
disp. disponeras dispose
distr. distrikt district
distr. vet. distriktsveterinär districts veterinarian
div. diverse diverse
dkfg/dkfs domkyrkoförsamling cathedral parish
D.M. danneman gentleman, farmer
Dmca., Dnca Dominica (Latin) Sunday
d.o. detta/dessa ord this word
d:o det ovan/ ditto the above / ditto
d:o, do. dito ditto
doms., doms:s, doms:or. domsaga (-s, -or) judicial district
dot., dr. dotter daughter
dr. dräng farmhand, bachelor
Dr. doktor doctor
drag. dragon light cavalryman
dt., dtr. dotter daughter
d.v.s. det vill säga that is to say, I.e.
d.y. den yngre the younger
d.å detta år this year
d.ä. den äldre the older
e. extra extra
E. Enkling or Enka Widower or widow
e.d./ejusd. ejusdem same (same month)
eg. egare owner
e.Kr. efter Kristus after Christ
el. eller or
e.m. efter middag p.m.
end. endast only, if only
enk. enka widow
enkl. enkling, enkeman widower
evang.-luth. evangeliskt-lutherska evangelical lutheran
f. fadder sponsor, godparent, witness at christeing
f. född born
f. far, fader father
f. filia (Latin) daughter
f. filius (Latin) son
f. följande following
f. förlofvad engaged
f. förre former
f. föräldrar parents
fabr. fabrikör(er) manufacturer
fad. fader father
fadd. fadder sponsor, witness
fam. familj family
fast. fastighet real estate
fb. födelsebok birth book
F.B., f.b. före boken previous book
f.d. före detta before this, formerly
fg församling parish
Fhr. Friherre baron
fil.dr filosofie doctor doctor of philosophy
fil.mag. filosofie magister master of philosophy
f.Kr. före Kristus before Christ, B.C.
fl. flicka girl, miss
fl. flyttar moved
f.m. förmiddag morning, a.m.
forts. fortsättning continuation
fr. från from
fris. frisinnad (e) liberal-minded
fr. o. m. från och med from and with
frih. friherre, friherrar baron, lord
frkn. fröken miss of status
frånsk. frånskild separated, divorced
frånv. frånvarande absent
fs. församling parish
fsg. församling parish
f.ö. för övrigt for the rest
fögd., fögder fögderi (er) administrative unit within county for taxing, etc.
följ. följande following
för. föräldrar parents
förb. förbindelse connection
föreg. föregående preceding
förkl. förklaring explanation
förl. förlofvad engaged
förs., förslg., församl. församling parish
förs. förestående the above (foregoing)
försv. försvarlös person without guardian or legal protection, vagrant
fört., förteckn. förteckning list, catalog, index
g. gift married
gam. gamla, gammal old
g.b., G.B. gamla bok old book, previous book
gb. gårdsbrukägare farm owner
gd. gård farm, extate, yard, court, house
gdm. gudmoder godmother
ges. gesäll apprentice
gl. gammal old
g.m. gift med married to
Gotl. Gotland Gotland (island)
graff. begrafning burial, interment
grat. gratialist retired soldier receiving a pension, pensioner
grdbr. gårdsbrukägare farm owner
grdf., grdfolk. gårdsfolk farmers, farm servants
grossh. grosshandlande wholesale dealer
grufarb. grufarbetare miner
grufveg. grufvegare mine owner
Gävl. Gävleborg Gävleborg (county)
Göteb. Göteborg Göteborg och Bohus(county)
H. Herr Mr. Used only for prominent people - clergy, doctors, government officials, nobility, estate or factory owners.
H., Hu. hustru wife
Hall. Halland Halland (county)
handl. handlande trading
hd., hdt., hds., hdr., hrds. härad (-et, -s, -er, -ers) court judicial district (probates)
h.eg. hemmansegare farm owner
hem. hemman farm, homestead
hem.d. hemmadotter unmarried daughter living at home
hem.eg., hem.äg., hemäg. hemmansegare farm owner
hem.s. hemmason unmarried son living at home
herrg., herrg:ar. herrgård (-en, -ar, -arna) Manorial estate
HFL husförhörslängd household examination
hkr. hästkrafter horsepower
h:n., hn. hemman farm, homestead
hpl., hplr. hållplats (-en, -er, erna) railroad stopping places
H:r. Herr, Herre Manor lord, squire, master, Mr., Lord
hsm., husm. husman crofter, cottager, tenant
hu. hustru wife
hust. hustru wife
h.äg. hemmansägare farm owner
härst. härstädes here, at this place
ib., ibid., ibm ibidem (Latin) the same place, the same as, same
ifr. ifrån. from
i.l., I.L. in loco (Latin) in this place
infl. inflyttad moved in
ing. ingenjör (-er) engineer
inh., inhys. inhyses lodger
inneh. innehåll contents
intend intendent intendent
introd. introducera introduce
inv. invånare inhabitant
jan, febr. o.s.v. Januari, Februari och så vidare January, February and so forth
j.arb. jernarbetare iron worker
j.arb. jernvägsarbetare railway laborer
jbr. jordbrukare farmer
jbrf jordbruksfastighet (-en, -er, -erna) farming properties
jbrv jordbrukvärde farming property's value
jerns.arb. jernvägsarbetare railway laborer
jernv. jernväg railway
jernvägsarb. jernvägsarbetare railway laborer
jernväkt. jernbaneväktare watchman, line keeper on railroad
jfr., jgfr. jungfru miss, maiden, virgin
Jlght., jlghtn., jlghtr. jordbrukslägenhet farming apartments
j:or. junior junior
jordbr. jordbrukare farmer
jordbruksarb. jordbruksarbetare farm worker, farm hand
jordk. jordkasta bury, buried, burial
järnv. järnväg Railway
jvg., jvgr. järnväg (ar) railroad
jvgsförb. järnvägsförbindelse (-r) railroad connection
jvgstn., jvgstnr. järnvägsstation (-en, -er, -erna) railroad station
Jäg. Jägare hunter, a light infantry soldier
jägm. jägmästare crown forester
Jönk. Jönköping Jönköping (county)
Jämt. Jämtland Jämtland (county)
K:a. kyrka church
Kalm. Kalmar Kalmar (county)
kbfd Kyrkobokföringsdistrikt District of church registration
kbm. kubikmeter cubic meter
k.f. kvinnsfaddrar female sponsors at christening
kh., khde. kyrkoherde parish minister, parson
k.kg. kyrkogång introduction into church after childbirth
kl. klockan time, o'clock
km. kilometer kilometer
K.Maj:t. Kunglig Magestät the King
kmt kopparmynt copper coin
kn., k:en, k:ens, k:er, k:ers kommun (-en, -ens, -er, -ers) municipality
kommunal-nämndsordf. kommunalsnämndsordförande muncipality chairman
Kongl.Maj:t Kunglig Majestät the king
kontr. kontrakt contract (land)
Kopp. Kopparberg Kopparberg (county)
kr. kronor crown (monetary unit)
KRA Krigsarkivet Swedish National War Archives
ktg. kyrkotagning introduction of mother into congregation after childbirth
Kungl.Maj:t Kunglis Majestät the king
kv. kvinna woman
kvf. kvinnlig fadder female sponsor
kvf. Kvinnsfaddrar female sponsors at christening
kvkm. kvadratkilometer quadrant kilometer
kyrkl. kyrklig ecclesiastical
kyrkov. kyrkovaktare church officer or caretaker
kyrkovakt. kyrkovaktare church officer or caretaker
köp. köping (-en, -ens, -ar, -ars small market town
köpm. köpman merchant
l., l:a, La, L:a lilla small(er)
landsf.-distr. landsfisalsdistrikt land fiscal district
landsförslg. landsförsamling rural parish of a city
landsh. landshövding governor
lfg., lfs. landsförsamling rural parish of a city
lg., lärl. lärling apprentice
lght., lghtn., lghtr. lägenhet (-en, -er) apartment
lib. liberal (-a) liberal
lysn. lysning banns
löjtn. löjtnant (-er) lieutenant
M. man man, male; husband
m. man man, male, husband
m. mater (Latin) mother
m. mor, moder mother
m. måg son-in-law
m. med with
m., m:s. meter (-s) meter
Mad. Madam Madam. Exclusively "upper class" person
Malm. Malmöhus Malmöhus (county)
mams. mamsell miss, young lady of "upper class".
mek. mekanik mechanic
mell. mellersta middle
m.f. mansfaddrar male sponsors at christening
m. fl. med flera and several others
mil. militära military
mm. millimeter millimeter
m.m. med mera with others
mod., modr. moder mother
mod. moderat (-a) moderate
mort. mortua (Latin) deceased
motorf. motorfartyg motor boat
mtl. mantal assessed unit of land, taxation of farm
mun. samh., munsamh:en municipalsamhälle (-t, -n) urban district
murges. murargesäll journeyman bricklayer
mvh med vänlig hälsning with friendly greeting (best regards)
mån. månad month
månd., tis., o.s.v. måndag, tisdag, och så vidare Monday, Tuesday and so forth
mäst. mästare master, expert
mäst. mäster master, the boss
n. nata, natus (Latin) born
n. nomen, nomine (Latin) name
N., N:a. norra north
nat. natur natural (in reference to having had smallpox)
nat. nata born
nattvak. nattvaktare night watchman
nattv.g. nattvardsgång communion
N.B., n.b. nya bok new book, (next household examination)
Ne nedre lower
n:m: nämndeman juryman, member of district court
NN., nn. nomen nescio (Latin) name not known
nom. nomine (Latin) name
n:r, nr. nummer number
NO. nordost northeast
NNO. nordnordost north northeast
Norrb. Norrbotten Norrbotten (county)
NV nordväst northwest
NNV nordnordväst north northwest
nr. nummer number
nup. nuptiae (Latin) wedding
nuv. nuvarande present
näml. nämligen namely, since, as
o. och and
O. öst east
obs. observera notice
o.d., o.ä.d. oäkta dotter daughter out of wedlock
o.d.h. och dess hustru and his wife
og. ogift unmarried
omkr. omkring about, around
ONO. ostnordost east northeast
o.s. or o.ä.s. oäkte son son out of wedlock
OSO. ostsydost east southeast
o.s.v. och så vidare and so forth
oä., o.ä. oäkta illegitimate child
o.ä.d. oäkta dotter illegitimate daughter
o.ä.s. oäkta son illegitimate son
p., pag. pagina (Latin) page
p., pig piga maid, spinster, single girl
past. pastorat diocese
p.b. pigebarn female child
pg., pgr. penning (-ar) penny (coin)
pgld. penningland penny land
pig. piga maid, spinster, single girl
postexp. postexpedition parish office
posth. posthumus born after father's death
prakt. praktiserande to be in practice
prof. professor (-er) professor (teacher)
prov.-läk. provinsialläkare provincial doctor
P.Ä. pastorsämbete Pastorate, the parish office.
q. qvinna woman
Qvf. qvinnfaddrar female witness at christening
Qv.mil qvadratmil square mile
r. ryttare cavalryman, horseman
RA Riksarkivet Swedish National Arhies.
Rdr. Riksdaler Old Swedish currency
reg. regemente regiment
reg.ton. registerton registrar
ren. renata, renati, renatus (Latin) christened, baptized
rep.verkstad. reparationsverkstad repair shop
resp. respektive respective
r:hu. ryttare hustru wife of a cavalrymann
riksd. riksdaler national currency
runst. runstycken part of a rune stone
rymd., rymt rymmande desertion, running away
rytt. ryttare cavalryman, horseman
ryttm. ryttmästare cavalry captain
s., S. son son
s. socken parish
S. söder, södra south
s. söndag Sunday
s., sal. salig deceased, blessed
samn., samh:en samhälle (-t, -n) community
SCB Statistiska Centralbyrån Central Bureau of Statistics, "Sweden statistics"
sd. samma dag same day
sd. sonsdotter son's daughter, granddaughter
segelf. segelfartyg sailing ship
sek. sekund second
sekr. sekreterare secretary
sep. sepultus (Latin) buried
sfg stadsförsamling city parish
s:ger svåger brother-in-law
s:hu soldat hustru soldier's wife
s:hu sonhustru son's wife, daughter-in-law
s.k. så kallad so called
s:ka svägerska sister-in-law
Skar. Skaraborg Skaraborg (county)
skattm. skattmästare tax collector
Sk.Dr. Skånska Dragonregementet regiment of dragoons from Skåne
skgsv. skogsvärde forest ranger
skill. skilling (ar) monetary unit
skogsv. skogsvaktare forest ranger
skom.arb. skomakerarbetare worker in a shoemaker's shop
skplg. skeppslag district along the coast
skräd. skräddare tailor
s:kt sankt saint
sl. salig deceased, blessed
smt silvermynt Old Swedish currency, silver coin
sn. socken parish
snesl. snesland measurement
SO. sydost southeast
soc. socialdemokratisk social democratic
sockn. sockenman person who is entitled to vote in the parish
sold. soldat soldier
s:or senior senior
spannl. spannland old unit of measurement
spons. sponsorer witness
ss. sonson son's son, grandson
ss. såsom as
SSO. sydsydost south southeast
SSV sydsydväst south southwest
st. stycken part of
St. stad city
S:t, S:ta Sankt saint
S:ta, St., st., St:a stora large, big
stallm. stallmästare master stableman
stbhs. stärbhus estate of the deceased
st:dr statdräng farm laborer
stds. standard standard
Sthlm. Stockholm Stockholm (county)
stn., stnr. station (-en, -er, -erna) station
stud. student student
susc. susceptrix (Latin) godmother, female sponsor
SV sydväst southwest
sv. svensk Swedish
Svf., Sv:f, svärfar, svärfader father-in-law
Svm., sv:m svärmor mother-in-law
Svåg. Svåger brother-in-law
Sväg. Svägerska Sister-in-law
Svärf. Svärfader father-in-law
Svärm. Svärmoder mother-in-law
sy., syst. syster sister
s.å. samma år same year
Söder. Södermanland Södermanland (county)
t. testes (Latin) witnesses or sponsors at christening
takt. taktäckare tiler, slater, shingler, thatcher, roofer
tandläk. tandläkare dentist
tax. taxera assess, tax
tax.v. taxeringsvärde assessed value
test. testes (Latin) witnesses or sponsors at baptism
t.ex. till exempel for example
tg. tingslag judicial district
tgslg. tingslag court district
t.h. till höger on the right side
tills. tillsammans together
tillverkn. tillverkning manufactured
tj. tjäna (to) serve, work
tnld. tunnland Swedish acre
t.o.m. till och med including
tomt-o. industriv tomt o. industrivärde store value of merchandise
torp., tp. torpare crofter, peasant
trol. trolofvad betrothed, engaged
trädgårdsmäst, trädgårdsmästare gardener
tunnl. tunnland measurement (Swedish acre)
t.v. till vänster to the left
t.v. tills vidare until further notice
txv., txvn. taxeringsvärde assessed value
Ty. Tysk German
u. under under; at; during, while, wonder, miracle
u. unge the younger
uk., ungk. ungkarl bachelor, single man
u.m. utom mantal not included in the taxation census register
u.n.u. utan namn under without name under
undant.enka undantagsmans enka widow of an undantagsman
undt. undantagsman previous farm owner receiving his livelihood/support from the person to whom the farm now belongs (usually related, as in father and son).
ung. ungefär about, approximately
ungk. ungkarl bachelor, single man
u.p.a. utan personligt ansvar without personal responsibility
uppf. uppförd (-a, -es, uppfört) behavior
Upps. Uppsala Uppsala (county)
U.R. ute roten outlying district, old expression for the outer districk of parish
utfl utflyttad moved out
u.ä. utom äktenskap outside of marriage
v. vice assistant
v. vaccinera (to) vaccinate
V. väster west
vacc. vaccinera (to) vaccinate
vb vigselbok marriage book/register
VNV. västnordväst west northwest
VSV. västsydväst west southwest
vard. vardag weekday
vägh.-dist. väghållningsdistrikt highway district
välb. välboren honorable
Värml. Värmland Värmland (county)
Västerb. Västerbotten Västerbotten (county)
Västern. Västernorrland Västernorrland (county)
Västm. Västmanland Västmanland (county)
y. yngste the youngest
yngl. yngling young man, youth
yst. yngste the youngest
åb., åbo. åborätt tenant right, hereditary lease
ångb.förb. ångbåtsförbindelse steamship connection
ä änka widow
ä. äldste the oldest
äg. ägare owner
äkt. äktenskap marriage, wedlock, matrimony
Älvsb. Älvsborg Älvsborg (county)
änk. änka widow
änkl. änkling widower
äst. äldste the oldest
Ö., Ö:a östra east, eastern
Öf öfra upper
ö.h. över havet upper harbor
Ör. Örebro Örebro (county)
öresl Öresland measurement
Östg. Östergötland Östergötland (county)
Öv övre upper