Sweden: Fixed and Moveable Feast Days beginning with T

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Tacksägelsedag a prayer day - no date
Tecla 23-Sep
Temporum Aestisum Wednesday after Pentecoste
Temporum Ante Natale Domini Wednesday after 13 December
Temporum post Cineres Wednesday after Invocavit
Temporum post Exaltiones S. Crusis Wednesday after 14 September
Tertullianus (in Sweden) 23-Feb
Tertullianus ep. 27-Apr
Tertullianus presb. 4-Aug
Tertullinus 31-Jul
Thalia 11-Mar
Thecla 23-Sep
Theobaldus 1-Jul
Theodardus 10-Sep
Theodogarus 30-Oct
Theodolus 3-May
Theodora 1-Apr
Theodoricus 1-Jul
Theodorus & Cantuarienis 19-Sep
Theodorus miles mart. 9-Nov
Theodorus pres. 23-Mar
Theodosia 29-May
Theodosia virg. 2-Apr
Theoduius 23-Mar
Theogenes 26-Jan
Theophania 6-Jan
Theophilus ep. 5-Mar
Theophilus mon. conf. 2-Oct
Theophilus ep. 13-Oct
Theresia 20-May
Thomas Aquinas 7-Mar
Thomas transl. 3-Jul
Thomas transl. 7-Jul
Thomas apostle 21-Dec
Thomas Cantuariensis 29-Dec
Thorkillus 12-Nov
Thorlacus 23-Dec
Tiburtius & Valerian. 14-Apr
Tiburtus & Susanna 11-Aug
Timolaus 23-Mar
Timon 19-Apr
Timotheus disc. 24-Jan
Thimotheus transl. 9-May
Thimotheus 22-Aug
Thimotheus & Apollinaris 23-Aug
Titus (in Denmark) 18-Sep
Titus 4-Jan
Titusinde (10.000) Martyrer 22-Jun
Tobias 2-Nov
Tobias (in Denmark) 20-Sep
Tolvte (12) dag Jul 5-Jan
Toogfyrretyve (42) Martyrer 10-Mar
Tord 9-Nov
Torkild 12-Nov
Torlacus 23-Dec
Torpes 17-May
Torquatus 15-May
Tørsdag før Påske see Viridium
Transfiguratio Domi. 6-Aug
Tredie (3) Søn. Efter Påske see Jubilate
Tredie (3) Søn. før Påske see Laetare
Tredie (3) Søn. i Advent see 3. Adventis
Tredie (3) Søn. i Fasten see Oculi
Treenigheds Søndag see Trinitatis
Trefoldigheds Søndag see Trinitatis
Trettende dag Jul 6-Jan
Trinitatis see Trinitatis
Trinitatis Søndag see Trinitatis
Trium Regum 6-Jan
Trudbertus 26-Apr
Tryphenia 10-Nov
Tychicus 29-Apr
Tycho 16-May
Tychon 16-Jun
Thøger 30-Oct
Tiberius 10-Nov