Sweden: Fixed and Moveable Feast Days beginning with K

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Kajus 22 April
Kalixtus 14 October
Kallentag 16 October
Karen 25 November
Karfreitag See Dies Adoratis in the moveable feast day calendar
Kastor 27 March
Kersdag 2 February
Kerzwihtag 2 February
Kilianus 8 July
Kindertag 28 December
Kirstag 25 December
Kjeld 8 July
(St.) Knuds Dag 25 June
Kristian 14 May
Kristi döpelses dag 6 January
Kristi Födelses dag 25 December
Kristi Förklaringsdag 6 August
Kristi Himmelfärdsdag see Ascensionis Domini in the moveable feast day calendar
Kristi Omskärelses dag 1 January
Kristi Uppståndelse See Pascha in the moveable feast day calendar
Kunigunde 3 March
Kurin 30 March
Kyndelsmässodagen 2 February