Sweden: Fixed and Moveable Feast Days beginning with F

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Fabian 20-Jan
Facundus 27-Nov
Faith 6-Oct
Fastlagssöndagen see Quinquagesima
Fasten Sonntag see Quinquagesima
Fastmas The Tuesday following Quinquagesima
Fausta 20-Sep
Faustinus 15-Feb
Faustus mart. 13-Oct
Febronia 25-Jun
Feiste Sonntag see Quinquagesima
Felicianus 9-Jun
Felicianus ep. mart. 20-Oct
Felicissimus 18-May
Felicissimus mart. 6-Aug
Felicitas 7-Mar
Felicitas virg. Mart 23-Nov
Felicula virg. mart 13-Jun
Felix in pincis 14-Jan
Felix presb. 14-Jan
Felix ep. Mart. 21-Feb
Felix pres. Fortun. 23-Apr
Felix ep. Spolet 18-May
Felix pap. 30-May
Felix et Nabor 12-Jul
Felix II et Simplic. 29-Jul
Felix et Adauctus 30-Aug
Felix et Cyprianus 12-Oct
Felix in Monast. C.F 4-Nov
Felix et Eusebus 5-Nov
Felix ep. Nolanus 15-Nov
Feltestag, Vitus 15-Jun
Femte Söndagen efter Påsk see Rogate
Femte Söndagen före Påsk see Reminiscere
Femte Söndagen i fastan
see Judica
Ferdinandus 19-Oct
Feria means a day of fair or holiday
Feria Nativ Christi 25-Dec
Festum Magorum Orientaldum 6-Jan
Festum Nominis Jesu 7-Aug
Festum Sanctorum 28-Dec
Fidelis mart. 23-Mar
Fidelis mart. 28-Oct
Fidentag 6-Oct
Fides 1-Aug
Fides virg. mart. 6-Oct
Fiduntag 6-Oct
Fifty (50 ma) see Quinquagesima
Filicitas 18-Jan
Filippus Jacob May 1
Findanus 17-Feb
Finiliter the same date as the date before (ditto)
Firminus 25-Sep
Fjärde (4th) söndagen efter Påsk see Cantate
Fjärde (4th) söndagen före Påsk see Oculi
Fjärde (4th) Söndagen Advent see 4. Adventis
Fjärde (4th) Söndagen i fastan see Laetare
Flavia 7-May
Flavius 22 December
Flerus (Florus) 3 November
Florentia or Florentin 20 June
Florentius 21 April
Florentius 27 October
Florentius ep. Araus 17 October
Florentius ep. Arg. 7 November
Florianus 4 May
Floris 31 December
Florum Dominica See Palmarum
Fluristag 3 November
Foca 14 June
Första söndagen efter (Epiphania) trettondagen