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{| {{table}}
{| {{table}}
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Index to Fixed and Movable Feast Days that begin with the letter A'''
| '''Names of Fixed and Movebable Feast Days'''||'''Date'''
| '''Fixed and Movebable Feast Days'''||'''Date'''
| Aaron||16-Apr
| Aaron||16-Apr

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Index to Fixed and Movable Feast Days that begin with the letter A
Fixed and Movebable Feast Days Date
Aaron 16-Apr
Aaron et Julius 1-Jul
Abdon 30-Jul
Abon et Sennen 30-Jul
Abel 2-Jan
Abigan 5-Dec
Abraham 20-Dec
Abraham Isaac Jacob 6-Oct
Absalon 30-Oct
Absalon 2-Sep
Absolutiones Dies see Viridum
Acatius c. mart. 8-May
Acatius p. mart. 27-Nov
Achatius et martyr. 22-Jun
Achilicus 12-May
Achtentag, St. 5-Feb
Adalbertus 24-Apr
Adam and Eva 24-Dec
Adauctus 30-Aug
Adelgunde 30-Jan
Adelheida 10-Nov
Adelheidis imper. 10-Dec
Ado ep. Vien 16-Dec
Adolarius 21-Apr
Adolphus 1-May
Adolphus 26-Sep
Adorate Dominum see 3 post Epiphany
Adoration Magorum 6-Jan
Adoration des Mages 6-Jan
Adoratus dies See Dies Adoratis
Adrianus ep. and conf. 8-Sep
Adrianus 4-Mar
Advent see Adventis
Adventis see Adventis
Adventsöndag see Adventis
Advent Sonntag see Adventis
Adventus Reliquiarum s. Stephani 9-May
Adventus Spiritus 15-May
Aedel 10-Mar
Aegidius 1-Sep
Afra & Donatus 7-Aug
Agabus proph. 13-Feb
Agapitus 18-Aug
Agapitus II papa 20-Sep
Agatha 5-Feb
Agathon 7-Dec
Agnellus 14-Dec
Agnes virg. Mart. 21-Jan
Agnes II 28-Jan
Agricola 4-Nov
Agrippina 9-Dec
Albanus 21-Jun
Albertus 24-Apr
Albina 17-Dec
Albinus 1-Mar
Alexander 18-Mar
Albus dies Jovis see Viridum
Adelqundis virg. 30-Jan
Alexander s. mart. 30-Jan
Alexander e. a. 26-Feb
Alexander papa and mar 3-May
Alexander et frates 10-Jul
Alexander and Epimach.
Alexius 17-Jul
Alle Helgensdag 1-Nov
Alle Sjaeles Dag 2-Nov
Aller Heiligen 1-Nov
Aller Seelen 2-Nov
Aloysia 11-Jan
Alphonsus 22-Aug
Alricus Episcopus 10-Oct
Alte Fassnacht see Invocavit
Amalia 7-Oct
Amandus e.T. 6-Feb
Amandus 26-Oct
Amantius 4-Nov
Amatus 13-Sep
Ambrosius 4-Apr
Ammon 19-Feb
Ammon erem. 4-Oct
Amor conf. 5-Dec
Amos proph. 31-Mar
Anacletus pap. Mart 13-Jul
Anacletus Gietus 26-Apr
Ananias 27-Apr
Annanias and mis. Puer 16-Dec
Anastasia mart. 25-Dec
Anastasius and Vincen 22-Jan
Anastasius papa 27-Apr
Anastasius and Q. mar 1-Apr
Anastatius 17-Aug
Anastatius 21-Aug
Anaatolia virg. 9-Jul
Anatolius 3-Jul
Anciasentag see Viridum
Anden Juledag 26-Dec
Anden Søn. E. Påske see Miseri.
Anden Søn. Før Påske see Judica
Anden Søn. i Advent see 2 Adventis
Anden Søn. i fasten see Reminiscere
Anden Påskedag see 2. Pascha
Anden Pinsedag see 2 Pentecoste
Andreas apost. 30-Nov
Andronicus 11-Oct
Angelica 20-May
Angelorum Festum 29-Sep
Angelus 13-Oct
Anianus 17-Nov
Anicetus 17-Apr
Animarum 2-Nov
Anna, mater Maria 26-Jul
Annunciatio Maria 25-Mar
Annunciatio Maria (after 1771) see Judica
Anselmus ep. Luc. 18-Mar
Ansgarius 3-Feb
Anshelmus 5-Jul
Anshelmus ep. Ca. 21-Apr
Ansverus 18-Jul
Anthimus ep. Nic. 27-Apr
Anthocinus 3-Sep
Antiastag see Viridum
Antipas 11-Apr
Anti Pascha see Quasim.
Antonius puer mart. 3-Sep
Antonius mart. 9-Apr
Antonius 17-Jan
Antonius Patavinus 13-Jun
Apollinaris virg. 5-Jan
Apollinaris et Thim. 23-Aug
Apollinaris e. r. 23-Jul
Apollonia 9-Feb
Apollonius and Leont. 19-Mar
Apollonius p. Alex 10-Apr
Apostlenes Deling 15-Jul
Apostolorum Divisio 15-Jul
Apostolorum Festo 29-Jun
Apparitio Michaelis 8-May
Apuleus and Marcellus 7-Oct
Aqvila and Priscilla 8-Jul
Aqvilina 13-Jun
Arbogastus 21-Jul
Archadius mart. Swed 12-Jan
Archadius mart. Swed 13-Nov
Archangel 29-Sep
Aristarchus 4-Aug
Armandus 26-Oct
Arnoldus 1-Dec
Arnolphus 18-Jul
Arnolphus ep. con. 18-Jul
Arthenius 11-Oct
Arnulfus 15-Aug
Aron 1-Jul
Artemon 8-Oct
Arwidus 31-Aug
Ascensio Christi see Ascensio
Aske Onsdag Caput Jejunii
Assump. Johannes Ev. 27-Dec
Assump. B. Maria 15-Aug
Aswolztag 5-Aug
Athala 10-Mar
Athalus 3-Dec
Athanasia vid. 14-Aug
Athanasia and Andronic 9-Oct
Athanasius 2-May
Attalas 10-Mar
Audoenus 24-Aug
Audomarus 9-Sep
Augenstanstag 28-Aug
Augustinus 28-Aug
Augustinus ep. Conf. 26-May
Augustinus conv. 5-May
Augustinus transl. 28-Feb
Augustinus ni transl 11-Oct
Augustus 3-Aug
Aurea virg. 4-Oct
Aurelia and Eusebus 2-Dec
Aurelia Anc. 10-Oct
Aurelianus 16-Jun
Aurelius 28-Jul
Aureus 16-Jun
Ausinos see Ascensio
Avitus 17-Jun
Axel 23-Mar