Sweden: Fixed and Moveable Feast Days (chronological order) for February

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Breid, Brigitta 1-February
Brigida 1-February
Ignatus 1-February
Maximiliana 1-February
Preid 1-February
Severus ep. Ravenn 1-February
Candelaria 2-February
Candelarum 2-February
Cerealis Maria die 2-February
Epipanti 2-February
Gundelarum 2-February
Hypapante 2-February
Kersdag 2-February
Kerzmesse 2-February
Kerzwihtag 2-February
Kyndelmisse 2-February
Maria Renselse 2-February
Purificatio B. V. Maria 2-February
Ansgarius 3-February
Blasius 3-February
Gilbertus 4-February
Rembertus 4-February
Veronica 4-February
Achtentag, St. 5-February
Agatha 5-February
Genuinus 5-February
Amandus e.T. 6-February
Dorothea 6-February
Pfedast 6-February
Vedastus & Amandus 6-February
Richardus rex 7-February
Romualdus 7-February
Corintha 8-February
Helena re. 8-February
Honoratus 8-February
Johanna virg. 8-February
Malachias in Sweden 8-February
Apollonia 9-February
Bolaygen, Apollonia 9-February
Euphrasia 10-February
Scholastica 10-February
Zoticus 10-February
Euphrosyne virg. 11-February
Saturninus 11-February
Soter conf. 11-February
Damianus mart. 12-February
Eulalia 12-February
Agabus proph. 13-February
Benignus 13-February
Castor Conf. 13-February
Jordanus 13-February
Licinius 13-February
Nyngel 13-February
Stephanus abb. 13-February
Stephanus ep. 13-February
Valentinus 14-February
Vitalis mart. 14-February
Faustinus 15-February
Sigfridus 15-February
Juliane 16-February
Onesimus 16-February
Constantina 17-February
Findanus 17-February
Polychronius 17-February
Concordia 18-February
Pantaleon Mart. 18-February
Simeon ep. 18-February
Simon ep. conf. 18-February
Ammon 19-February
Gabinus mart 19-February
Publius 19-February
Eucharias ep 20-February
Gallus 20-February
Leberecht 20-February
Eleonora (Germany) 21-February
Felix ep. Mart. 21-February
Hilarius 21-February
Samuel (in Denmark) 21-February
Caristia 22-February
Cathedra S. Petri 22-February
Epularum S. Petri 22-February
Peders Stol 22-February
Petri Cathedra 22-February
Lazarus 23-February
Papias 23-February
Polycarpus presb. 23-February
Serenus 23-February
Tertullianus (in Sweden) 23-February
Hiesel 24-February
Inventio Johannis 24-February
Matthias apost. 24-February
Justus & Herena 25-February
Victorinus 25-February
Alexander e. a. 26-February
Inger 26-February
Nestor 26-February
Valburga 26-February
Julianus mart. 27-February
Leander 27-February
Navigius 27-February
Procopius conf. 27-February
Augustinus transl. 28-February
Hildegardis 28-February
Macarius mart. 28-February
Maria 28-February
Øllegaard 28-February
Romanus abb. 28-February