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Sveriges dödbok, produced by Sveriges Släktforskarförbund, is a digital database containing information about deceased people in Sweden. A number of versions of the database have been produced over the years. The various editions cover the following years:

  • 1st edition 1968-1996
  • 2nd edition 1950-1999
  • 3rd edition 1947-2003
  • 4th edition 1947-2006
  • 5th edition 1901-2009

Each new addition covers all information contained in previous editions so that by using the latest edition, one has all the information in that database and it is not necessary to also check earlier editions.

These databases are available on CD (versions 1-4). Version 5 is available in both CD and DVD.

The latest version (version 5), which came out in 2010 contains personal information for 7.8 million people who died during the years 1901 to 2009 and were recorded in the records of Sweden. The years 1901-1946 contain only 70% of all deaths for Sweden but for the years 1947 and thereafter all persons who died in Sweden are included. Information about some Swedish citizens who died outside of Sweden is included but is not complete. The database may be searched in Swedish or English.

Information included:

  • Person number (birthdate plus four digits)
  • Complete name
  • Mailing address
  • Deathdate
  • Parish and municipality where the deceased was recorded in the records at time of death.  
  • Birth place
  • Marital status with date of last marital change.

Availability at the Family History Library

All versions are available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. (They may be purchased online Available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. (They may be purchased online from the bookstore at Riksarkivet At the Family History Library only one patron at a time may use a particular CD. For that reason, it may be helpful to use other versions when one is in use. The various versions have been cataloged at the Family History Library with the following numbers:

(1901-2009) CD-ROM no. 7145(1947-2006) CD-ROM no. 4432 (1947-2003) CD-ROM no. 2209 (1950-1999) CD-ROM no. 1003 (1968-1996) CD-ROM no. 69