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(Keller Family https://www.facebook.com/groups/106698236063530/)
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| Worldwide  
| Worldwide  
| Group
| Group
| <br>
| [https://www.facebook.com/groups/106698236063530/ Keller Family]
| English  
| English  
| Worldwide  
| Worldwide  

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New surname or family organization Pages and Groups on Facebook are being created by the community of genealogists around the world. The main topic of either a Page or a Group of this type will typically be about doing research on a family, multi-generational family, or surname. If you find a page that's not on this list, be sure to share:

Pages and Groups on Facebook about Research

Page or Group Name Language Region Page/Group
Curtis Genealogy English Worldwide Group
Denn Genealogy English Worldwide Group
Dreimüller Genealogy English Worldwide Group
Finch Family Genealogy English
Scott Family Genealogy English Worldwide Group
Hartley Family English Worldwide Group
Keller Family English Worldwide Group


  • Page or Group Name: The name and link to the page or group on Facebook.
  • Language: The predominant language used on the page when posting.
  • Region: The region of the world where the subject of this page or group is located.
  • Page/Group: When visiting either the Page or Group, choose the option to "Like" or "Join".