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5. Murphy, Nathan W. [http://www.pricegen.com/localizesurname.htm "Localize Your Surname with Distribution Maps,"] ''Price and Associates Genealogical Services''. Available online.  
5. Murphy, Nathan W. [http://www.pricegen.com/localizesurname.htm "Localize Your Surname with Distribution Maps,"] ''Price and Associates Genealogical Services''. Available online.  
6. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surname_map "Surname map,"] ''Wikipedia''. Available online.
6. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surname_map "Surname map,"] ''Wikipedia''. Available online.  
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United States  Gotoarrow.png  Emigration and Immigration  Gotoarrow.png  Surname Distribution Maps

]] Sometimes it is possible to guess where an immigrant originated through surname distribution maps. These maps graphically display locations where surnames occurred at different periods in time. This strategy provides genealogists with a starting point for research in the birth country, when that information cannot be discovered through sources recorded in the new country of settlement. It works particularly well for less-common surnames and among families that have stayed in the same European locations for centuries.

Online Surname Distribution Maps

Country Website
World Names http://worldnames.publicprofiler.org/
Argentina http://www.miparentela.com/mapas-ar/
Austria http://christoph.stoepel.net/geogen/en/Default.aspx
Belgium http://www.familienaam.be/
Canada http://www.dynastree.ca/
England http://www.ancestry.com/learn/facts/default.aspx
England http://gbnames.publicprofiler.org/
England ($) http://www.rootsuk.com/
France http://www.geopatronyme.com/
France http://www.genealogie.com/v2/services-nom-de-famille/
France http://www.familleunie.fr/cartes
Germany http://christoph.stoepel.net/geogen/en/Default.aspx
Germany http://www.verwandt.de/karten/
Germany http://www.gen-evolu.de/
Ireland http://www.irishtimes.com/ancestor/
Italy http://gens.labo.net/en/cognomi/genera.html
Netherlands http://www.verwant.nl/kaarten
Poland http://www.moikrewni.pl/mapa/
Spain https://idapadron.ine.es/fapel/FAPEL.INICIO
Spain http://www.miparentela.com/mapas
Spain http://www.ine.es/daco/daco42/nombyapel/nombyapel.htm?L=0
Switzerland http://www.verwandt.ch/karten/  
United Kingdom http://www.dynastree.co.uk/maps
United States http://www.ancestry.com/learn/facts/default.aspx
United States http://www.hamrick.com/names/
United States http://www.dynastree.com/maps
Wales http://www.ancestry.com/learn/facts/default.aspx
Wales http://gbnames.publicprofiler.org/
Wales http://www.rootsuk.com/


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