Superintendencies of Indian Affairs

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Superintendents of Indian Affairs for a specific locality existed from approximately 1803 until 1878, when the last Superintendency was abolished. After 1878, agents of the Bureau of Indian Affairs reported directly to the Commissioner's Office in Washington, DC.

A Superintendent of Indian Affairs was an administrator, communicating and overseeing the agents who worked directly with individual tribes. It was the responsibility of the superintendent to see that the agents were following official government policy. Records for Superintendencies exist in the National Archives and copies of many of them are also available in other research facilities.

State Records



NARA# FHLC First Film Roll
Arkansa Superintendency  1824-1834

Florida Superintendency 1824-1853

Michigan Superintendency 1824-1851 1604649
Iowa Superindency 1838-1849
Western Superindency 1832-1851
Wisconsin Superindency 1836-1848 M951 1618006
California Superindency 1849-1880
Minnesota Superindency 1849-1856
New Mexico Superindency 1849-1880 T21 1617620
Oregon Superindency 1842-1880
Utah Superindency 1849-1880
Central Superindency 1851-1880 M856 1662893
Northern Superindency 1851-1876 M1160 1490921
Southern Superindency 1851-1871 M640 1602871
Washington Superindency 1853-1880 1637277
Colorado Superindency 1861-1880
Dakota Superindency 1861-1880 M1016 1549631
Idaho Superindency 1863-1880 M832 1580047
Montana Superindency 1864-1880 1618090
Nevada Superindency 1861-1880 M837
Wyoming Superindency 1869-1880 1549631

The Superintendencies

Arizona Superintendency

Arkansas Superintendency

California Superintendency

Central Superintendency

Colorado Superintendency

Dakota Superintendency

Florida Superintendency

Idaho Superintendency

Iowa Superintendency

Michigan Superintendency

Minnesota Superintendency

Montana Superintendency

Nevada Superintendency

New Mexico Superintendency

Northern Superintendency

Oregon Superintendency

Southern Superintendency

St. Louis Superintendency

Utah Superintendency

Washington Superintendency

Western Superintendency

Wisconsin Superintendency

Wyoming Superintendency


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