Suicide in Denmark

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When we found someone who had not died of natural causes, authorities made an investigation. First and foremost, we would naturally find out whether the dead had looked after the day on which it could be an accident, or whether he actually had been murdered.

One advantage to be furious

It was determined that there was no suicide, authorities investigated what the reason might be. Sometimes you will be able to read that the dead man's family does much to explain that he had little crazy or furious when suicide occurred. According to Danish law from 1683 had even murderers are not buried in consecrated ground. This was in principle until 1867, when even murderers are not buried in the cemetery with the usual ceremonies. There could be exceptions if you could prove that the deceased had not been quite himself when the suicide occurred, and therefore orbits a part of the study about this topic. If the deceased did not waiver, he was usually buried just outside the cemetery wall. Was given dispensation however, it would be in the county archive, you must search for it.

Folklore about suicide

It was very disturbing, if not buried in the cemetery, according to popular belief, you can not really find rest and go to Heaven if you're not buried in the cemetery. Therefore, there are many legends about suicides going again. And many felt that even murderers could not be clothed in grave-clothes, but was buried in what they had on when they died.

In some places was also used to refer eg rope, he had hæght with, down the chest with the knife that was used to cut the body down with - plus a chip from the beam, as the deceased had hanged in.

Suicide in Copenhagen

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