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===Historical Directories and Gazetteers===
===Historical Directories and Gazetteers===
Searchable Data Library a University of Leicester Project
*[http://www.historicaldirectories.org/hd/b1.asp| Historical Gazetteers and Directories of Suffolk] - Searchable Data Library a University of Leicester Project
=== William White  ===
=== William White  ===

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England Gazetteers  Gotoarrow.png  Suffolk   Gotoarrow.png  Suffolk Directories

Online Gazetteers

Historical Directories and Gazetteers

William White

"HISTORY, GAZETTEER, AND DIRECTORY OF SUFFOLK And The Towns Near its Borders comprising Under a Lucid Arrangment of Subjects. A General Survey of the County, and separate Histories, & Statistical & Topographical Description of all the Hundreds, Liberties, Unions; Boroughs, Towns, Ports, Parishes, Townships, Villages, & Hamlets Shewing Their Extent and Population...."

The England Gazetteers do not list as much detail and principal residents of the parishes as the Suffolk Gazetteers do. Also consult Vision of Britain which has maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions

CONTRIBUTORS: If your going to update a parish history from a free google ebook, do the following; Find the parish and page number, go to plain text version, copy selected meaningful sections and paste the text into the parish history section, make minor corrections to the plain text; Link back to this page. To see and example go to Metfield, Suffolk or other nearby parish.