Step 10. Share what you found

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Pacific Island Guide  >  Step 12. Share what you found

Ask family members what they are currently doing in family history work and find out if you can do anything to help them. 

Also offer to give them copies of your work. 

Share information in the following ways:
     • Take or send your ancestral names to the temple nearest to you and do the ordinance work for them.

       Their names will appear on the Ordinance index and IGI after the work has been done.
     • Enter your information into a computer using PAF or another genealogical software and dow
Young gives old papers-.png
nload it onto diskettes

        and give them to people.
     • Print out your paper forms and give a copy to

       family members and other people who have helped you.

     • Upload the information onto theInternet so people can access it there.

       The Internet (World Wide Web) has web sites where you can donate your work.

        If you don’t find one, you could make a web site yourself, if you are able.

     • Donate a copy of your paper forms or written family histories to: 
       The Family History Library at 35 North West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.

     •  Use the files you made on the computer to donate the information to the Pedigree Resource File.

        Ask your Ward Family History Consultant to help you.

        If they can't help you, call FamilySearch Software Support in Salt Lake City and ask them to help you.

        Phone 1-800-453-3860 extension 22584.

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