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State of Franklin Genealogy

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In August 1784 delegates of three western North Carolina counties, Washington, Sullivan, and Greene (all now in Tennessee), declared their Independence from North Carolina because of perceived neglect, and misuse by North Carolina’s legislature. By May 1785 they had petitioned to be admitted to the United States as the new State of Franklin. The Franklin statehood request was denied.[1]

In March 1786 the Franklin legislature created four new counties.[2] At some point a fifth was added so that Wayne, Spencer, Caswell, Sevier, and Blount (all in present-day Tennessee) had also signed on to the Franklin statehood effort before it collapsed in 1789.[3] Ashe County, North Carolina was also briefly included.

In 1796 the land in these counties (except Ashe) became part of the new State of Tennessee.

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