Stansbury - South Australia

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Stansbury sits on the pristine waters of Oyster Bay in Gulf St Vincent against a background of Norfolk Pines.

Tourism, oyster farms and limestone are some of the major industries found at Stansbury. The town has many beautiful older buildings and even fence lines constructed of limestone, which are a popular attraction. Stansbury's oyster farms which supply fresh, locally-produced oysters is another popular attraction.

The first settler in the district was Alfred Weaver, who brought 7,000 sheep with him. Weaver built a shearing shed in 1846 where Stansbury now stands. Due to the abundance of oysters found in the bay, Stansbury was originally known as Oyster Bay and had a reputation for the best oysters in South Australia. For a number of years, there were between 15 and 20 oyster dredges working the bay, until eventually it was fished out.

The name Stansbury came into being when Governor Sir Anthony Musgrave renamed it in 1873, after his friend Mr Stansbury. Find out more about the town's history at the Stansbury Museum.