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Stakes and Wards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tooele County, Utah

Tooele County Stakes and Wards

Stakes in the County, 1930Edit

  • Tooele Stake, Utah[1]
    • Stake Boundaries as of about 1930: Latter-day Saints residing in Tooele County, Utah
    • Wards, 1930:Batesville, Clover, Grantsville 1st, Grantsville 2nd, Lake Point, Lake View, Saint John, Tooele North, Tooele South, and Vernon.

Alpha list of wards in the countyEdit

Linked below are the ward and stake records for Tooele County, Utah on microfilm at the FamilySearch Library. Click on a ward for records (up to about 1948).

  • For a timeline history and boundaries of wards that existed in 1930, click to the appropriate stake (above).
  • For later records, check with the Church History Library.

Benmore Ward • Burmeister Branch • Clover Ward • Deep Creek Branch • Deseret Chemical Branch • Erda Ward • Grantsville 1st Ward • Grantsville 2nd Ward • Grantsville Ward • Iosepa Brannch • Lake Point Ward • Lake View Ward • Mercur Branch • Ophir Branch • St. John Ward • Stockton Ward • Tod Park Branch • Tooele 1st Ward • Tooele 2nd Ward • Tooele 3rd Ward • Tooele 4th Ward • Tooele 5th Ward • Tooele 7th Ward • Tooele 8th Ward • Tooele 9th Ward • Tooele 10th Ward • Tooele North Ward • Tooele South Ward • Tooele Ward • Vernon Ward • Wendover Ward •


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