St Olave Old Jewry with St Martin Pomeroy, London Genealogy

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St Olave Old Jewry with St Martin Pomeroy, the church of, stands on the west side of Old Jewry, is of very ancient foundation, and was originally called St Olace Upwell, from its patron saint, and the well at the east... It was afterwards called Jewry, from its vicinity tbe coming the alotted residence of the Jews in London. The parish is ancient, and was a rectory, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of St Pauls, till about the year 1181, when it was transferred by them, with the chapel of St Stephen Coleman Street, to the prior and convent of Butley, in Suffolk, when it became a vicarage. At the suppression of the monasteries, the impropriation was forfeited to the crown, in whom it has continued till the present time. After the fire of London the parish of St Martin Pomery, in Ironmonger Lane, was united to this parish, which being a rectory, also in the patronage of the crown, the presentation the united livings in the king--[see St Martin Pomery]

[Adapted from: Topographical Dictionary of London by James Elmes; published 1831]