St Bartholomew the Great, London Genealogy

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St Bartholomew the Great, the church of, is situated on the northeast side of the Smithfield, and at the north end of Duke Street.  It gave a fire in 1666 and is a large plain church of Saxon and Norman architecture 132 feet long, 57 broad, and 47 hi, with the square are crowned with an angle turret.  It was originally a parish church of joining at the priory of St. Bartholomew: but when the latter was pulled down as far as the choir, that portion was annexed by the Kings order for the enlargement of the old church. The intervention of this church, which had all publicly, was patiently prior counts of St. Bartholomew is now in private he is.  The parish claims an exception from the necessity of being free of the city to carry on retail traits within its boundaries.

[Adapted from: Topographical Dictionary of  by James Elmes; published 1831]