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Church Record Inventories
===Church Record Inventories===
Church record inventories are essential tools for finding German records. They identify what records should be available for a specified parish and where to write for information on these records. They list the church records, their location, and the years they cover. Sometimes inventories explain which parishes served which towns at different periods of time.
*[ '''Die Kirchenbücher in Baden'''] *[ Das Grossherzogtum Baden in geographischer, naturwissenschaftlicher, geschichtlicher, wirtschaftlicher und staatlicher Hinsicht dargestellt] - Explanation of symbols and abbreviations see p. 768; alphabetical place name list follows. *[ '''Historical gazetteer for Baden-Wuerttemberg'''] with links to online parish register duplicates covering 1810-1870. 
===1. Online Church Records===
The church books at Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg are fully digitized and no longer available for searching in the archive.
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