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A list of all pages that have property "Faqanswer" with value " *testamentar* ". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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     ( *testamentar* )
    • User:Freephile/Sandbox/apples  + (Gala apples are clearly the best!)
    • User:Freephile/Sandbox/What is Foo?  + (It's a thing)
    • User:Freephile/Sandbox/How Can I Learn More About Scottish Wills and Testaments  + (Probate records are court records dealing Probate records are court records dealing with the distribution of a person’s estate after death. Information recorded may include the death date, names of heirs and guardian, relationships, residences, inventories of the estate (including household goods), and names of witnesses.</br></br>In Scotland before 1868, it was not possible to leave land to a person by using a will. It was only possible to give other types of property, known as moveable property, by means of a testament. There are two types of testaments:</br></br>* If a person died leaving a testament that named an executor, the document confirming that executorship and the attached testament is called a testament-testamentar.</br>* If a person died without leaving a testament and the court appointed an executor to administer the estate, then the confirming document is called a testament- dative.</br></br>To read more about these records, go to:</br>*[ Wills Testaments family Scottish genealogy Scotland birth - ScotlandsPeople]</br>*[ Guide to wills and testaments - The National Archives of Scotland]estaments - The National Archives of Scotland])
    • User:Freephile/Sandbox/How Can I Find the Name of the Submitter in the IGI  + (Whether you can find submitter informationWhether you can find submitter information for an entry in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) depends on when it was submitted.</br></br>===Submissions made prior to May 1991===</br></br>If a submission was made to the IGI prior to May 1991, a batch number and source number will appear in the Source area. These numbers refer to microfilm copies of the original documents, which may contain the submitter’s information. You can request that one or more of these films be shipped to your local family history center for you to view.</br></br>===Submissions made after May 1991===</br></br>Since May 1991, submissions have been made electronically through TempleReady, and no source documents exist. TempleReady for Windows was modified in 1999 to accept submitter information and ask the submitter for permission to publish it. However, due to privacy reasons, we do not publish or share the submitter’s information at this time. We suggest that you also check Ancestral File and Pedigree Resource File for your ancestors’ names. If they were submitted to either of those files, you may find the submitter’s name and current address. the submitter’s name and current address.)