Spanish Fork, Utah

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United States Gotoarrow.png Utah Gotoarrow.png Utah CountyGotoarrow.png Spanish Fork, Utah

Quick History

Spanish Fork Utah is nestled at the south end of Utah County and against the Wasatch Mountain Range on the East. First explored by two Franciscan Friars named Silvestre Valez de Escalante and Francisco Atanasio de Dominguez. [1] The name "Spanish Fork" appeared many years later on John C. Fremont's map of the area published in 1845. . [2]
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  • First Home Built: 1850 Enoch Reece settled the first home, followed by Charles Ferguson and George Sevey.
  • 1852: 100 families had settled along the Spanish Fork River
  • 1852: Latter-day Saints founded a settlement called Palmyra west of the historic center of Spanish Fork [3]
  • 1853: A fort was established called “Fort Luke” at the base of Spanish Fork Canyon [4]



Spanish Fork City Cemetery

Gravestone Projects

Mill Fork Cemetery

This cemetery is technically associated with Thistle, a town that was destroyed in 1984 after a landslide created a dam in Spanish Fork Canyon following a very wet winter and rapid spring warming which caused fast snow melt, which flooded out both east and south of the present-day junction for US-89 at US-6, and the cemetery was before the flooding more off the old highway alignment for US 6 which ran south and below where it does now, the new road put the cemetery within easy access for those seeking to find graves within it.

Church History and Records

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  1. Leland
  2. Spanish Fork
  3. Spanish Fork 1
  4. Spanish Fork 2
  5. Spanish Fork 3
  6. Spanish Fork 4
  7. Spanish Fork 5



Vital Records

Marriage Records

Death Records

Footnotes and Sources

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