South Jordan Utah Parkway Family History Center

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SJ Parkway FHC


George Sanders

Asst. Directors:

Jackie Sanders


Hours of Operation

  • Mon: 10am- 5pm 
  • Tue: 9am - 9pm 
  • Wed: 9am - 9pm
  • Thu: 9am - 9pm
  • Fri: 10am - 5pm
  • Sat: 9am - 1pm

Holiday Closures

  • Saturday, April 4th
  • Thursday; Apriil 9th
  • Friday, April 10th
  • Saturday, April 11th
  • Monday, April 13th


Welcome to the                      United States > Utah > Salt Lake County > South Jordan

South Jordan Utah Parkway Family History Center

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South Jordan Utah Parkway  FHC, 9894 S. 2700 West, South Jordan, Utah
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  South Jordan Parkway Family History Center

Hardware and Equipment
Databases & Software
  • Computers
  • Microfilm Readers
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  • Conference Room
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Director's Message

Now is a good time to clean up your PAF database.  In the fall we will have the opportunity to transfer our PAF data into New Family Search.  PAF will no longer be supported by the church.  We will have LEGACY 7.0 in the Family History Center which is compatible with New Family Search in every way.  If you are thinking about buying any new software programs check to make sure they will be compatible with New Family Search. 

The River Ridge Stake is hosting a 26 week series of Family History classes at the church building at 10200 South 1300 West.  They are being taught by Deane Shelley and Rose Ann Fisher.  We attended the first class April 7th and they are excellent.  See a schedule and details at the Family History Center.

Other Resources Available in the Center

  • Microfilms can be ordered from the Family History Library for use in the Center
  • Microfiche can be ordered from the Family History Library for use in the Center

Family History Moments

During the summer of 2005 my wife Jackie and I had the opportunity to go to Bath Maine to visit with her sister and her husband. We had planned the trip to include time to drive to Prince Edward Island, Canada with Jackie’s sister Joey and her husband Russ. Upon arriving on Prince Edward Island we found a place to stay in Charlottetown and prepared to start the next morning to find a family graveyard called Brooklawn Cemetery and other places of interest in Belle River Township. Russ’ working day for the past 40 years had started at 4:30 AM so when we talked about getting on the road early I wasn’t to sure what that meant. We talked him into sleeping in a little and at 6:30 AM we were checked out, had breakfast and were on the road. Prince Edward Island is about 170 miles long and as much as 30 miles wide. We were not certain where Belle River was but didn’t think it could be too hard to find. After driving through the woods and fields for about 2 hours we were thoroughly lost so we made a stop at a little country store with a gas pump out front to get directions to Belle River. I went into the store and asked the lady if she knew where Belle River was. She told me that I was right in the center of downtown. She didn’t know where the cemetery was that we were looking for but told me that “The old guy across the road has lived here forever, he might know.” We got in the car and drove over to the driveway of the house and into the yard. We noticed on the mailbox at the end of the driveway the name on the box was Compton and the big building at the back of the yard read “Compton Boat Building”. Now Compton is a family name so this was encouraging. Even though it was only 8:30 in the morning the kitchen door was open with just the screen door shut. I knocked on the door and a spry little old lady came to the door. I told her what I was looking for directions to the Brooklawn Cemetery, she invited me in and called for her husband, Russell. Russell came in and we sat down at the kitchen table to talk. I told him I was looking for information on Philip Sanders and asked him if he knew where the Brooklawn Cemetery was located. He said, “Yes I know where that is I have a lot of family buried in that cemetery.” He then said to his wife, “Go get my book.” She went and retrieved a big loose leaf binder full of genealogy. I was pretty excited by this time. We looked through the pedigree charts and our lines ran together to a common Compton grandfather, William Compton. Russell asked me who I was looking for in the cemetery. I told him I was looking for Philip Sanders. Russell said, “Well, Philip Sanders house is the house next door.” He then said to his wife, “Go get my picture.” She dutifully went into another room and retrieved a framed collage of photographs. The whole thing was about 3 feet wide and about 10 inches tall. It showed the house next door being moved up the hill being pulled on skids by horses in 1908. This house was a large 2 story frame home. About this time the man who lived next door came by to check on Russell and his wife as they were 92 years old. When Russell told him who I was and what I was looking for he invited us to come over and go through the house when we were through with Russell. He told us that the house was in its original condition inside. Russell also had a bound book of Compton genealogy that we looked through. It was full of names and information that I thought would be very useful. I asked if he knew if the book was still in print. He said, “I don’t know lets call Cousin Tilly and see.” We called Tillie (her full name is Tilly Compton MacLeod), and she said she had a copy we could buy and would be home. Russell gave us directions to the cemetery and Cousin Tilly’s house. We took some pictures with Russell and we were off. We stopped at the Brooklawn Cemetery and I went in to see the caretaker. He showed me a plat of the Cemetery with the names of the people in the various plots. I asked if I could get a copy of the plat. He said, “I have 2 and only need one, take this one with you.” We went out in the cemetery grounds and there were all the family names in that part of my genealogy. This plot only contained Compton, Sanders and those who had married into the family. We went on to Cousin Tilly’s house and met with here and her husband, Harold MacLeod. As we talked with them Jackie asked Harold why he was so interested in genealogy. He said, “I don’t know, ever since I was about 12 years old I have been doing genealogy as a hobby. I don’t know what drives me to do it. I have published 4 books on family lines.” We had an amazing experience. When we left Cousin Tilly’s house it was about 11:30 AM. This entire experience only took about 3 hours. The Spirit of Elijah is an amazing thing. You can also feel of that spirit when you choose to seek after your ancestors.

George Sanders