South Dakota Vital Records

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South Dakota Birth, Marriage and Death Records

South Dakota Vital Records Online

Introduction to Vital Records

Birth Records

An index of South Dakota birth records is available for birth dates over 100 years old. Pre-1905 records exist for some South Dakota counties. These records are located in the office of the registrar of deeds in each county.  There is also an online database for many pre-1905 births. Statewide registration of vital statistics began in 1905 and was generally complied with by 1932. Delayed birth records date from the early 1900s. To order a copy of a birth or death certificate, follow the instructions on the South Dakota Department of Health website.

Adoption Records

Marriage Records

Statewide registration of marriages began in 1905. Marriage records are located at the State Department of Health. Before statewide registration, individual towns or counties issued marriage licenses and recorded marriages. These records usually begin within ten years of the creation of the county. For information about early marriage records, write to the county treasurer in the county where the marriage took place.

Divorce Records

Records of divorce proceedings since 1905 are kept by the State Department of Health.  To order a copy of a divorce record, follow the instructions on the South Dakota Department of Health website. For information about earlier divorce records, write to the clerk of courts in the county where the divorce took place.

Death Records

Substitute Records

South Dakota Church Records

South Dakota Cemetery Records

South Dakota Census

South Dakota Newspapers

South Dakota Military Records


Analyzing Records

Archives, Libraries and Societies

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