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South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research

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United States Gotoarrow.png South Carolina Gotoarrow.png Genealogy Gotoarrow.pngSouth Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research (SCMAR) is a periodical that can help you identify the genealogy of your ancestors who lived in Southern states. Volumes 1-24 have been linked below from Internet Archive.  For more information about the contents of Volumes 1-40 published from 1973 to 2012, see South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research (Brent H. Holocomb).

Research tips[edit | edit source]

You may discover important clues about your ancestral family, the actual name of an ancestor, or other family members in the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research.  This periodical contains information such as wills, land grants, information about marriages or deaths, and more.  

Start by searching the index 

  • for your family surname or the name of your ancestor.
  • to learn more about the people who lived in the same localities as your ancestor.

Then, search for historical records to document the information that you discover. 

Researchers who cannot find documentation for an ancestor during a particular time period should use this periodical to learn more about the ancestry of people who lived in the same place.  It is possible that you may see record types cited that you can use to document your ancestor.  You may find families that knew or intermarried with your family.  Trace these allied families to find mentions of your ancestor among census records, wills, land records, etc. 

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research[edit | edit source]

Volumes 1-24 of South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research are available at Internet Archive where you can read them online or download in a variety of formats including PDF.  Here are the direct links:

Available Indexes[edit | edit source]

Separate indexes to The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research have been published. Searching the index of each volume will take less time. If you find useful information in one of the volumes above, download it from the Internet Archive link above to your computer or mobile device. Check (for SCMAR Volumes 1-20) and Walker Local and Family History Center at Richland Library for volumes or indexes to SCMAR.