Somerset County, Maine Genealogy

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United States Gotoarrow.png Maine Gotoarrow.png Somerset County

Guide to Somerset County Maine genealogy. Birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

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Online Records

Somerset County, Maine
Map of Maine highlighting Somerset County
Location in the state of Maine
Founded March 1, 1809
County Seat Skowhegan
Address Somerset County Courthouse
Court Street
Skowhegan, ME 04976
Phone: 207.474.9861
Somerset County Website

County Courthouse

Clerk Courts has some marriage records from 1800’s and proabte records from 1809.[1]


Parent County

Created 1 March 1809 from Kennebec County.[1]

Boundary Changes

Parts of Somerset County were set off to:

Record Loss

Places / Localities


Plantations. For further details see Maine plantations.

Extinct Towns and Plantations[2] [3] [4]


  • Anson
  • Bingham
  • Fairfield
  • Hartland
  • Madison
  • Norridgewock
  • Pittsfield
  • Skowhegan

Villages:    • Flagstaff   • North Anson

Unorganized territories. Townships listed from southeast to northwest within their group. BKP=Bingham's Kennebec Purchase; EKR=East of the Kennebec River NBKP=North of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase; Twp=Township; WELS=West of the Easterly Line of the State; WKR=West of the Kennebec River. For further details see Maine townships.

  • Central Somerset
  • Northeast Somerset
    • Twp 2 R2 BKP EKR (Mayfield)
    • Twp 2 R3 BKP EKR (Bald Mountain)
    • Twp 2 R4 BKP EKR (East Moxie)
    • Twp 2 R5 BKP EKR (Squaretown)
    • Twp 1 R5 BKP EKR (Moxie Gore)
    • Twp 1 R6 BKP EKR (Indian Stream)
    • Twp 1 R6 BKP WKR (Chase Stream and 10,000 Acre Tract)
    • Twp 2 R6 BKP WKR (Johnson Mountain)
    • Twp 1 R7 BKP WKR (Saplin)
    • Twp 2 R7 BKP WKR (Misery)
    • Twp 3 R7 BKP WKR (Parlin Pond)
    • Misery Gore
    • Sandbar Tract
    • Twp 1 R1 NBKP (Taunton and Raynham)
    • Twp 2 R1 NBKP (Sandwich Academy Grant)
    • Twp 2 Twp 1 R1 NBKP (Rockwood Strip)
    • Twp 3 R1 NBKP (Long Pond)
    • Twp 1 R2 NBKP (Tomhegan)
    • Twp 2 R2 NBKP (Brassua)
  • Northwest Somerset
    • Twp 1 R4 BKP WKR (Bowtown)
    • Twp 2 R4 BKP WKR (Pierce Ponds)
    • Twp 3 R4 BKP WKR (Spring Lake)
    • Twp 4 R4 BKP WKR (Flagstaff)
    • Twp 2 R5 BKP WKR (Lower Enchanted)
    • Twp 3 R5 BKP WKR (Spencer)
    • Twp 4 R5 BKP WKR (King and Bartlett)
    • Twp 3 R6 BKP WKR (Upper Enchanted)
    • Twp 4 R6 BKP WKR (Hobbstown)
    • Twp 5 R6 BKP WKR (Haynestown)
    • Twp 4 R7 BKP WKR (Bradstreet)
    • Twp 5 R7 BKP WKR (Rayton)
    • Twp 6 R6 BKP WKR (Appleton)
    • Township 5 R1 NBKP (Attean Pond)
    • Township 6 R1 NBKP (Holeb)
    • Township 6 R2 NBKP (Forsyth)
  • Seboomook Lake
    • Township 3 R2 NBKP (Thorndike)
    • Little W, NBKP
    • Big W, NBKP
    • Twp 1 R3 NBKP (West Middlesex Canal Grant)
    • Township 2 R3 NBKP (Soldiertown)
    • Township 3 R3 NBKP (Alder Brook)
    • Township 4 R3 NBKP (Bald Mountain)
    • Township 5 R3 NBKP (Sandy Bay)
    • Township Seboomook R4 NBKP
    • Twp 1 R4 NBKP (Plymouth or Boyd)
    • Twp 2 R4 NBKP (Pittston Academy Grant)
    • Township 3 R4 NBKP (Hammond)
    • Township 4 R4 NBKP (Prentiss)
    • Township 5 R4 NBKP (Blake Gore)
    • Township 4 R16 WELS (Elm Stream)
    • Township 4 R17 WELS
    • Township 4 R18 WELS (Comstock)
    • Township 3 R5 NBKP (Dole Brook)
    • Township 4 R5 NBKP
    • Township 5 R16 WELS (Russell Pond)
    • Township 5 R17 WELS
    • Township 5 R18 WELS
    • Township 5 R19 WELS
    • Township 5 R20 WELS
    • Township 6 R16 WELS (Saint John)
    • Township 6 R17 WELS
    • Township 6 R18 WELS
    • Township 6 R19 WELS (Big 6)
    • Township 7 R16 WELS
    • Township 7 R17 WELS
    • Township 7 R18 WELS
    • Township 7 R19 WELS
    • Township 8 R16 WELS
    • Township 8 R17 WELS
    • Township 8 R18 WELS
    • Township 8 R19 WELS
    • Township 9 R16 WELS
    • Township 9 R17 WELS
    • Township 9 R18 WELS
    • Township 10 R16 WELS
    • Township 10 R17 WELS (Big 10)

Neighboring Counties

Aroostook | Franklin | Kennebec | Penobscot | Piscataquis | Waldo | Quebec counties: Beauce | Bellechasse | Dorchester | Frontenac




Church records and the information they provide vary significantly depending on the denomination and the record keeper. They may contain information about members of the congregation, such as age, date of baptism, christening, or birth; marriage information and maiden names; and death date. For general information about Maine denominations, view the Maine Church Records wiki page.




Local Histories




Maine Newspaper Archive Indexes Free; Digital Page Images $ (GenealogyBank $) Twenty-two early Maine 18th and 19th century newspapers, 1785-1898 online. Indexes (free); digital images ($). These newspapers are from Augusta, Bangor, Belfast, Brunswick, Castine, Eastport, Falmouth, Hallowell, Kennebunk, Portland, Saco and Wiscasset.

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Early Maine newspapers routinely reported on news, obituaries, births, marriages etc. from around the state. Be sure to search the indexes for all Maine newspapers to find your target ancestor.



Vital Records

Societies and Libraries

Family History Centers

Web Sites


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