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=== Church Records ===
=== Church Records ===
*[http://www.bmi.net/jjaso/index.html Slovak Church Record Translations (Hungarian, Latin)]
*[http://www.bmi.net/jjaso/index.html Church Record Translations (Hungarian, Latin, Slovak)]
=== Directories ===
=== Directories ===

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This is a selection of Web sites that has been found most useful. It is not intended to be a complete bibliography since new information appears on the Internet every day.

Archives and Libraries


Church Records


Write the surname into “Vyhľadaj” box and the city/village into “Mesto” box. You can also do national search using surname only. You do not have to use Slovak diacritical marks. Then click on “Hľadaj".

Emigration and Immigration


General Information

Jewish Records

Language and Languages


Military Records