Selection of English Saints' Day and Festivals

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The influence of the medieval chuch in creating and observing Saints' Days led to the recording of tevents by reference to the feast day, or saints' day rather than the direct system of dating by day, month and year.

Saints' Days and Festivals

Saints' Day or Festival

Modern Observance

Advent Sunday Sunday nearest to Feast of Saint Andrew
All Hallows or All Saints Day 1 Nov
All Souls' Day 2 Nov
Andrew, Andreas, Andreae, apostle 30 Nov
Feast of Anna, Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary 26 July
Annunciatio of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Annuniciatio dominica - Lady Day 25 March
Ascension Day or Holy Thursday, Ascensio, Ascensa, domini (in celum) Thursday following Rogation Sunday, 40 days after Easter
Ash Wednesday 1st Day of Lent
Assumptio domini, Christi Old name for Ascension Day
Black Monday Easter Monday
Candlemas Day, Candelaria, Candelatio 2 Feb
Cantate 4th Sunday after Easter
Capitiluvium Palm Sunday
Caput jejunii Ash Wednesday
Caramentranun, Caremprenium Shrove Tuesday
Caresme Lent (40 days of fasting)
Carnibrevium Shrove Tuesday
Carniprivium novum Quinquagesima Sunday
Carniprivium sacerdotum Septuagesima Sunday
Carniprivium vetus Quadragesima Sunday
Carnivora Shrove Tuesday
Christmas Day 25 December
Septuagesima Sunday
Trinity Sunday
Sexagesima Sunday
Thursday after Trinity Sunday
Good Friday
1 March