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This was meant to be shared!

In November we emailed a link to this Fan Chart and the demand was so high and so immediate that the server could not handle the traffic. If you were one of the ones who clicked on the links and nothing happened then try again!! There is a bigger server now!

Ideas for using the Fan

Last minute Christmas idea!!! What could be better and more heart-felt? Save it as a PDF and take it to any copy shop, or send it to Family Chartmasters, pick your paper size and color, frame it, wrap it and have a heart-turning Christmas.

Discover a quick and easy way for you and your family to see what already exists in your family tree. You can print it, show it to your family and friends, even frame it—it's that impressive. Take a look, you’ll be surprised.

Click here to see how to create a fan

What if your fan is empty, or has empty branches? It could be that your family history has just not been entered on FamilySearch yet, or more likely, the links between living people (who are protected by privacy laws) and deceased ancestors haven't been made yet. Watch this video to see how easy it is to bridge the living to the dead.

Other options

The fan chart is created at where data for the fan comes from Geni users, and those who may not have access to can go to in order to create a fan or other fun charts.

If you want to look at some nicer charts with endless styles, the Family ChArtist. is another family chart design that works with new FamilySearch, gedcoms, or manual entry. Family ChArtist videos are also available to describe the chart design process.  For custom chart styles, you may also want to go to Family ChartMasters where a designer can work with you to create anything you can dream up. 

Family ChArtist.jpg