Saskatchewan History

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This information can help you determine significant culture, ecclesiastical, and political events in the history of Saskatchewan. Changes in geographical boundaries and ownership of land are especially important in determining where to search for the records of your ancestors.

1670:  Today’s Saskatchewan was a part of the territory given to the Hudson’s Bay Company. The early history of this province was linked closely to the fur trade.

1774:  Cumberland House, the first trading post, is established by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

1821:  North West Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company are united.

1870:  Rupert’s Land bought from the Hudson’s Bay Company and organized into the Northwest Territories.

1875:  The territories are organized under the government.

1882:  The southern region of the Northwest Territories was divided into four districts; two were named Assiniboia and Saskatchewan. They covered the southern half of today’s Saskatchewan.

1882:  North West Mounted Police headquartered at Regina.

1885:  Northwest Rebellion outbreak.

1885:  The Canadian Pacific Railroad was completed. Many immigrants began to settle in southern Saskatchewan.

1899:  More than seven thousand Doukhobors from the Crimea immigrated into southern Saskatchewan.

1905:  The Province of Saskatchewan was formed.

1907:  University of Saskatchewan is founded in Saskatoon.