Samoan, Tongan and other Polynesian Genealogies

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1. Under Family Search Catalog

Use both Keyword and then Place search and type in the word Samoa when the prompt ask for where you would like to search. Notice the difference in the two. Then you would click on the type of record you want to bring up such as Civil Registrations----Look at Samoan Baptisms or Samoan Burials or register of British subjects residing in Samoa 1878—1915.

2. Under Family Search select Community Trees. This collection has been digitized and is on line. From the internet type in Family search Select Familysearch. Then click on trees, then advanced search then select Find (on the far right hand side)and go down to Surnames, when the alphabet comes up select the first letter(V) of the name you are looking for.(Vaafusaga, Aiono is the first name), Click his name to see the rest of his data. This site shows all of the Vaafusaga’s .There are about 65,000 individual names in this data bank many of them are Samoan and Tongan. Records and names are being added each month.

3. Mulivai Purcell Books and films: Find Family, select catalog then use the Keyword search and type in (Samoan Oral Genealogy) From there you would need to view film notes then select the family that you want to look at. Or use the film number search (Film #795,863---795,970). Some of these films are in the regular files and some will be in the overflow. Also see Books :International floor (#996.14 D2p v.1 and v.2).

4. Another group of Films # (1,901,843----1,901,869) located on the B-2 floor, in the Special Collections (Polynesian Family Group Sheets), Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, etc.These have not been digitized. These records are restricted and to view them a member of the church must show their Temple recommend, and then order the film from the Vault so give yourself time.

5. Cole Jensen—Wooley Collection; A typed collection of Samoan Pedigree Charts and other Polynesian islands genealogy records. (Film #1,358,001—1,358,009) found on the B-1 floor Under Cole Jensen Collection 1950 ‘s—1960’s China, Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Nuie, Cook islands, etc. This collection has family group records, pedigree charts and oral genealogies, and are being digitized by Sister Gonsalves in Hawaii, Sister Tongisala and Elder Apolo Maua’i JSMB, and other Samoan Missionaries in Salt Lake City, under the direction of Debbie Latimer, located in the Historical Reconstruction Data Analysis Zone

6. Other Polynesian Records, Under type in the film #’s 1026225-----1026227 “ Polynesian family group records collection 1924—1969.

7. Manual Processing Collection, found on the US/Canada floor. Film #s “1553385—1553390” this collection covers the years 1949—1981, and includes family group sheet of: Hawaii, Niue, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga New Zealand, Native Americans. They have not been digitized so a person would have to look at each of the records

8. At the FHL open up the Wiki and type in “Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research” scroll down and look at all the various places and ways a person could search for their family with Polynesian ancestry. From home: Go to, then click on Learn and then click on the WiKi then type in the above title.

9. Samoan Village Names (Film # 795752 item 3).