Saint Philip Parish, Barbados

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Barbados  Gotoarrow.png  Saint Philip Parish

Early History

The earliest parish registers for St. Philip, Barbados begin with the first baptism record in January of 1648 with Atkins and Grimes.

The first marriages in this parish appear in March of 1672 with surnames such as Punnett and Crofts. These were quickly followed by other well known names from that period, that continue to this day, with the likes of Addems, Allen, Atkins, Barrow, Bartlett, Bate, Bayley, Bird, Bonnett, Boon, Boucher, Brading, Brooks, Brown, Bullock, Burnby, Catlin, Claypould, Compton, Connell, Cozier, Crafforde, Crofts, Cryer, Culpeper, Cunninghame, Davis, Delaney, Dempster, Dinsey, Downes, Elliot, Estwicke, Evans, Farwell, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fortescue, Frere, Goodbrand, Griffith, Harris, Harrison, Hedges, Hethersell, Higginbotham, Hodgson, Holmes, Hooper, Hudgwell, Hunter, Ince, Johnstone, Keightsly, Kemble, Kirke, Kirton, Laurence, Lee, Mansell, Mansfield, Mascall, Murphey, Murrall, Newton, Nightingale, Oatley, Parnell, Parr, Peterson, Pitts, Pomfret, Powell, Presley, Proctor, Punnett, Robinson, Rooke, Shepherd, Sidney, Sisnett, Skeete, Smith, Spyer, Stoley, Street, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thwayte, Tompkins, Townsend, Traverse, Turner, Usher, Vincent,, Warde, Waterland, Wilson.


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