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Germany Gotoarrow.png Kingdom of Saxony Gotoarrow.png Archives and Libraries

Here is a link to an article by Volkmar Weiss re. family history research in Saxon archives: The author also created a list of records with genealogical content, their time frames and repositories most useful to the family researcher looking for such in Saxony. See Clicking on "Sachregister der personengeschichtlichen Quellen" will list record types and also show for which town/village they are available.  For availability of such records check also Family History Library Catalog.

There is a general article about Archives and Libraries in FamilySearch Wiki, Portal Germany, Archives and Libraries which will explain the use of them in a condensed fashion.

This is a link to the oldest library collection in Saxony:

The four state archives of Sachsen, Dresden, Leipzig, Freiberg and Chemnitz have their archival holdings online, see There is also a provisional archive for Bautzen.

For addresses of local archives see:

Death Records in the City Archive of Leipzig

Since 1595 the death records of the city of Leipzig were not recorded as usual by the Church but were written down by the city council's office. This office issued burial certificates which the gravedigger needed. After the burial the certificate was returned and collected in the so called Leichenbuch. Since 1846 the burial certificates have been arranged alphabetically.

The books are located at the City Archive in Leipzig with the following archival registration numbers: Leichenschreiberei business records city council death record books 1595-1875 burial certificates 1846-1875 burial books of gravediggers 1690-1879 books of the graves at the Johannis cemetery 1680-1875 various registers and indexes


To contact the City Archive of Leipzig, see