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Saba, View from Mt. Scenery

One theory for the island's name is that it is derived from the Arawak Indian word for "rock", which was "siba"

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Its current major settlements include:

  • The Bottom
  • Windwardside
  • Hell's Gate and
  • St. Johns.

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Saba is home to the Saba University School of Medicine, which was established by American expatriates in coordination with the Netherlands government. The school adds over 300 residents when classes are in session, and it is the prime educational attraction. A.M. Edwards Medical Center is the major provider of healthcare for local residents.

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Bonaire and Saba Opt for U.S. Dollar as New Official Currency as the island moves forward with a new state structure with closer ties to Holland. The sister island of Saba, has also chosen the U.S. Dollar for its official currency. Read more...

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