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FamilySearch Record Search This article describes a collection of historical records available at
Access the records: Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates, 1833-1885 .

Collection Time Period

This collection covers the early duplicates, 1833–1885. The later material is located in the Central State Historical Archive, St. Petersburg.

Foreign Language Title

Rußland, Evangelishe Kirchenbuchduplikaten, 1833–1885.

Record Description

The records consist of bound volumes with entries on two facing pages for births and baptisms and for burials and deaths. Marriages are on a single page. The images were scanned from microfilm copies of the originals, which are housed in the Russian State Historical Archive, St. Petersburg. 

Record Content

  • Key genealogical facts found in all duplicates are:
  • For births and baptisms, the date of the events, the child’s name, the parents’ names and residence, and the father’s occupation. They also contain the godparents’ names and residences (the godparents may be relatives).
  • For deaths and burials, the date of the events, the name of the deceased, sometimes the mother’s maiden name, the birthplace, sometimes the birth date, age at death, gender, and marital status.
  • For marriages, the date of the event and the couple’s names and residence.  In early years more detailed information is provided including names of parents, ages, dates and location of births, etc.

How To Use This Record

Use the duplicates to uniquely identify individuals and to determine parentage. Compile families from the entries for a single couple.

Record History

The Lutheran Diocese of St. Petersburg was created in 1833. It covered mostly ethnic German congregations but included Swedes and others of the Lutheran religion. Each year a duplicate record was sent to St. Petersburg and kept in the Consistory Court.  The local St. Petersburg parishes were more cosmopolitan so more ethnic groups can be found there.  In some regions such as Kiev and Podolia, French and Russian nobility, in particular those with military connections, register with the Lutherans.

The books pertain to the German Lutheran population along the northwestern, western, and southern edges of the Russian Empire, primarily in the historical provinces of Sankt-Peterburg (Ingria), Volhynia, Bessarabia, and Novorossiysk.  Alaska, which was part of Russia until 1867, is also included.

Why This Record Was Created

The duplicate served as the civil vital record when there was no civil registration system conducted by the government.

Record Reliability

This is the most reliable record for birth, baptism, marriage, death, and burial dates.

Known Issues with This Collection

Important.png Problems with this collection?

The transcripts are bound in individual volumes covering one year periods. Frequently smaller communities were grouped in the same bound copy. For example, Novgorod contains records for Olonets, Vologda, Kostromo and Jaroslavl' also.

When you move from image to image the collection heading will change to reflect the communities in the record, even though you may start from only one of the several villages/towns listed.

Related Web Sites

Portions of these Lutheran records have been extracted and indexed.  As with any extraction project, errors are known to exist so care must be used in using these sites. 

St. Petersburg Archives - Odessa Site

The above site provides lists covering the regions of Volhynia, Bessarabia, and southern Ukraine (the Black Sea region).

Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe

This site repeats the Volhynia data of the first one (with known corrections) and adds the Kiev and Podolia regions. 

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Examples of Source Citations for a Record in This Collection

  • United States. Bureau of Census. 12th census, 1900, digital images, From FamilySearch Internet ( September 29.2006), Arizona Territory, Maricopa, Township 1, East Gila, Salt River Base and Meridian; sheet 9B,line 71.
  • Mexico, Districto Federal, Catholic Church Records 1886-1933, digital imagbes, from FamilySearch Internet ( April 22, 2010), Baptism of Adolfo Femandez Jimenez, 1 Feb, 1910, San Pedro Apostol, Cuahimalpa, Districto Federal, Mexico Film number 0227023

Sources of Information for This Collection

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