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Collection Time Period

Most records are between 1876 and 2007.

Record Description

A collection of Royal Canadian Mounted Police death records found in Royal Canadian Mounted Police publications, including an index to some of the obituaries.

Record Content

  • 1876–1971 Deaths of Royal Canadian Mounted Police killed while on duty, taken from  S.W. Horrell's The Pictoral History of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Toronto, Ontario: McGraw–Hill Ryerson, 1973).
  • 1919–1997 Scarlet and Gold (Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans' Association, )publication including an historical honor roll of officers killed while on duty and more current obituaries. Honor roll contains deaths prior to 1919.
  • 1933–2007 Digital images of an obituary card index for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and digital images of the obituary sections of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police publications the index refers to.
  • 1976–1994  Pony Express: Staff Relations Branch Newsletter.

Sample Images

How to Use the Record

Scarlet and Gold and the Pictoral History of of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are lists of officers killed while in the line of duty.  These lists are in chronological order.  Some obituaries are included in these records.

The obituary card index is alphabetical by surname.  This index covers that Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly beginning with Volume 1, July 1933.  Not all deaths are covered by this publication.  If the Quarterly was not advised of a death, no obituary was printed.

Surnames in the index are followed by given name or initials and possibly nicknames.  The second column holds the regimental number for the individual.  Regimental numbers may be preceded by the folllowing letters:

  • O=Officer Number
  • R=Reserve Constable
  • S=Special Constable
  • M=Marine Member
  • C=Civilian Member

The third column lists the rank of the officer when he or she took their dishcharge, or when then died in service.

The final two columns indicate the Volume and Issue number of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly where an obituary was printed.  Use these numbers to access the digital images found within this collection.

The following abbreviations may be found on an index card:

CST = Constable
CPL = Corporal
SGT = Sergeant
S/SGT = Staff Sergeant
S/M = Sergeant Major
INSP = Inspector
C/S/M = Corps Sergeant Major
SPL = Special
S/S/M = Staff Sergeant Major
SUPT = Superintendent
VET = Veterinarian
ASST = Assistant
COMM'R = Commissioner
C/M = Civilian Member
R/ = Reserve
M/ = Marine
HON = Honorary

Record History

Why the Record Was Created

This record was created for two reasons.  First, it is a memorial to those Royal Canadian Mounted Police who died while in service.  Secondly, it is a record of publications sent to living officers to inform them of the deaths of fellow officers.

The index was created by a retired officer, Norman G. Wilson,  who wished to make the obituaries more accessible to family members and researchers. [1]

Record Reliability

These publications and the accompanying index only include th records of those officers whose deaths were reported to the publications.

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  1. Norman G. Wilson, RCMP Obituary Index 1933–1898 ( accessed 14 October 2011).