Roy, Harding County, New Mexico, Settlers

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Roy is at the crossroads of Highways 120 east and west and 39 north and south. It is east of Wagon Mound and north of Mosquero in Harding County, New Mexico. The town was not founded at its present site, but moved to this location when the railroad came through. The own is named for Frak Roy, the first Postmaster, who established the town ith his brother William Roy in 1901. The town was 2 miles est of its present site. The new town was relocated to its current site in 1916 when the Southern Pacific Railroad  and the El Paso & Southwestern Railroad built out of Tucumcari.  At this time the boom raised the population to 1,000. The new town was almost destroyed by fire in its first year. It boasted a: post office, bank, school, churches, ballteams, theatres, newspaper, telephone exchange, trading warehouses, hotels, saloons. The population levelled off, declined and for a time the town disappeared completely. The availability of water had been a problem that was remedied. In its heyday, it was a trading center, especially when the Ilfeld and Florshein stores were in full operation. Roy failed to boom after World War II, mostly due to paved roads that led people to shop elsewhere. Now a farming community.


1910 US Census, for free access to this census, click here

1920 US Census, for free access to this census, click here

Interesting People

Sources: 1. The Roy, New Mexico Story by Father Stanley, March 1972

                  Reprinted in Colfax Communities by William Carroll, Coda Publications 2006.

                  Book available at the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library in Raton, NM., or through the inter library loan system

                  with your local library. Consult World cataloguing system by clicking here.

The following is an alphabetical surname list of interesting persons listed in this story.


Robert Abernathy and family; T.O. Abernathy and family; John Aguilar; Ruby Aguilar; R. E. Alldredge, Floersheim store

manager for 53 years; Barbara Allen; Buck Allen, 6th grade award; Bud Allen and family; Dorothy Lanette Allen, band,

Home Economics award; Janette Allen, clarinet award; Joe Allen, 5th grade awards; Ames; Bob Anderson and family;

Anderson, machine shop; Jerry Anderson; Lottie Anderson, lunch room; Lysle Anderson; Charley Anstey and family;

Becky Archuleta; Lorraine Archuleta, 6th grade awards; Tony Archuleta and family; Margarita Arguello; C.A. Armor, actor;

Hugh Atkins, football champ; Joe Atkins and family; Neil Atkins, 7th grade English award; Rev. Robert Atkinson, pastor;


Bertha Rose Baca; Henry Baca, 1st grade award; Mrs. Baca, Home Economics teacher; Bobby Bagwell and family;

George Bantu, college dean and family; Bobby Bates, 4th grade award; Flodell Baum; James Baum and family;

Terry Baum, majorette; Donald Beard, 1st grade award; Floyd Beard, 5th grade award; Fred Beard, principal;

Grace Beard, substitute teacher; Jack Beard, bus driver; Melvin Beard, science awards, football champ, science fair

award; Weldon Beard, science awards, track, basketball, football all state champ, Boy of the Year award, science fair

award; Bentley, bank cashier; Bery, archhitect; John Black, psychology teacher, and family; Angelo Blasi;

Barbara Blasi, beauty salon owner, and family; Bob Blasi; Dominic Blasi; Frank Blasi, Harding County commissioner;

John Blasi and family; Reno Joe Bonomo and family; J. Bostick and family; Randy Paul Boswell; W.R. Boswell, history

teacher and coach; Carlos Branch, actor; W.L. Brockmans; Fred S. Brown and family; J.E. Brown and family;

Alberto Bunch, actor, and family; Jeannie Burget, teacher;


Goldie Guthmann Cadwallader; Becky Clavel, 8th grade English award; Betty Clavel, Social Studies award; C.J. Clavel

and family; Dale Clavel, track, football champ; Dick Clavel, track, football champ; Rebecca Clavel; Joe Clavel;

B.O. Cloud and family; Sue Collingsworth, 4th grade award; Grace Collins, actress; Ottie Couch and family; Crossland;

Davenport, baseball team; Glen Daves, school superintendent, and family; Mike Daves; Shirley Daves; Bertha Davis, lunch

room; G.C. De Baca and family, former NM Gov. Baca's brother;  Pauline C. De Baca, 4th grade teacher; John Dempsey,

member of congress; O.L. Dennis and family; Kenneth Dickey, saxophone quartet; Annie Dikeman and family;

Britt Dikeman; Carla Dikeman, 1st grade award; Randel Dikeman; R.C. Dillon, future New Mexico Governor worked for

Floersheim; Frank Dunbar; Jesse Dyer and family;


Anthony Ebell, track, football champ; Edward Ebell, science award, track, football champ, science fair award;

Bancy Esquibel, 4th grade award; Bernadette Esquibel, cheerleader, Home Economics award; Betty Esquibel, award;

Secundino Esquibel, 3rd grade award; Thomas Esquibel; Sharon Marie Esquivel or Esquibel;

Timothy Ray Falkens; Danny Filkins, track, football champ, actor, Boys State delegate; Mark Filkins and family;

Timmy/Timothy Filkins, Citizenship award; Allen Floersheim; Carl Floersheim; J. Floersheim and family;

Milton Floersheim, mayor; Milton Floersheim Jr., physician; Solomon Floersheim, popular citizen from Germany,

worked for the Charles Ilfeld Co. of Las Vegas, NM, started a store in Ocate, Springer and Roy; Heidi Joan Flushman;


Herman Gallegos; Billy Ray Gambrel; Lula Gambrel; Tommy Gambriel; Doris Garcia, 1st grade award; Juliavieve Gardner,

commerce teacher; Kenneth Gardner; Larry Gardner and family; Lloyd Ray Gardner; Sybil Gardner and family; L. Gary;

Paul Gensemer, music and band teacher; Dorothy Gilliam; R.V. Gillian, bus driver; Alfredo Gonzalez, bus driver; Frank

Gonzalez, bus driver; Gilbert Gonzalez and family; Herbert Gonzalez; Jeffery Gonzalez; Leroy Gonzalez, 2nd grade award;

Lorence Gonzalez, 6th grade teacher; Patricia Gonzalez, 6th grade award; Raymundo Gonzalez, bus driver;

Susie Gonzalez, bus driver; Katherine Gray, 8th grade, secretary; Alton Green and family; Ernest Green, bus driver;

Freddie Grine, 1st grade award; Gilbert Grine, 5th grade award; Mary Grine, 4th grade award;Ralph Grine, 6th grade award;

Tony Grine, football champ; Lillian Griner, actress; Alameda Frances Colwell Guthman; Carrie Guthmann; Ed Guthman;

Karl Guthmann, started the newspaper Roy Record; Willie H. Guthman; Philip Gutierrez;


Dr. William P Hale; Esther Hall; Leonard Hall and family; Wesley Hamson, actor; Leon Hanson; Wesley Hanson, football

champ; Konnie Hartley, English 3 award, Algebra 2 award, clarinet award, all state band, actress, Santa Fe Symphonic

Band, Best All Around 4H Cowgirl; Pat Hartley and family;  Penny Hartley, band, clarinet award; Ray Hartley;

Marie Heimann; M.C. Hendricks, and family; Hephner, baseball team; Jerry Hern; Mayme Hern, actress; Betty Herron,

actress; Elizabeth Herron; Joe Hicks; Ona Mae Hilliard; Red Hilliard and family; George Hite; Holcomb, baseball team;

Hollen, baseball team; Jerry Horn and family; Claude Hoskins and family; Ed Howell and family; Phyllis Hudson, teacher;

Albert Hughes and family; Wilmer Hughes, 5th grade teacher;


Freda Guthmann Isaacson; Floyd Ivey;

Carrol Johnson; Darrell Johnson; Ivan Johnson, reporter; Ogden Johnson, actor; Dean Jones; John Jones, track, football

champ; Rev. Jones, pastor; Vickie Judy, 4th grade award; C.L. Justice and family; Linda Kay; Rev. Ralph Keesar, pastor;

Carus Kennady, superintendent of schools; Lillie Kennady, bus driver;Champ Kidd, high school coach; Oscar Kidd Jr.,

math teacher, Teacher of the Year; Susan Margaret Kiersey, band,  clarinet choir; Robert Kiersey; Richard Kilmurray;

Freddie Jane Kirksey; Jeri Kirksey, 6th grade award; Scott Kirksey, 2nd grade award;

Elizabeth Laumbach, award; Francies Laumbach, English 1 award, Home Economics 1 award; Gloria Laumbach;

P.J. Laumbach, bus driver; Ralph Laumbach, football champ; B.F. Lawrence and family; Larry Lawrence, football champ;

Joe Lopez and family; Ernest Lucero and family; Mike Lude; Alfonso Lujan Sr. and family; Alfonso Lujan, basketball,

football champ, and family; Barbara Lujan, actress; Catherine Lujan, band, clarinet choir; Janie Lujan; June Lujan, 1st

grade award; Marcella Rose Lujan; Maxine Lujan, cheerleader; Rachel Lujan and family; Richard Lujan, 1st grade award;

Sonny Lujan, track; Thomas Lujan, 3rd grade awards; Yvette Lujan; J.B. Lusk, Toy's first attorney, and family; Lena Lusk;


Alberta Mackey; Betty Mackey; Curtis Mackey; Marlin Lee Mackey, science award, football champ, Algebra award,

science fair award; Martin Mackey, band; Monroe Mackey; Thelma Mackey, 1st grade teacher; Hazel Madole; 

John Mahoney Sr. and family; John Mahoney, track, basketball, football all state champ; Ann Main, saxophone quartet,

math award, science award; Bob Main and family; Donna Main, math award; Sandra Main, 4th grade award; David

Martinez, football champ; Dolores Martinez, awards and drum major, actress, Girs State delegate; Doroteo and Carolina

Martinez; Dorthea Martinez;Florence Martinez; Lola Martinez; Marin Martinez, school bus driver;Patsy Martinez, majorette;

Priscella Martinez;Richard Martinez, actor, English award;Teddie Martinez and family;Tony Martinez, track, footballchamp,

actor, Boys State delegate; Doris McBride, English 4 award, Psychology award, American History award, Valedictorian;

C.J. McClure; John McDaniel and family; Gerald McDonald; Louis McEwen; Tom McGrath; Larry Menapace; Missick,

baseball team; Guy Mitchell, custodian; T.E. Mitchell, and family; Odell Mom, bus driver; Bert Monnet and family; Jose M.

Montano; Marion Montano and family; John Monteleone and family; Isabel Montoya; Mike Montoya, 6th grade award; Mary

Lee Moore, 6th grade teacher; Mrs. Moore, Social studies teacher; Betsy Moriarity, teacher; Jeanette Morrow and family;


Georgia Newton, teacher; Solon Newton, superintendent of schools; Mae Nucci;

Dave Odell; Patsy Odell; Rodney Oliver and family;

Fred Pacheco, custodian;  Steve James Pate; Fred Patton; Leon Payton, builder; Margaret Payton, 3rd grade award;

Patty Payton, 6th grade award; Ann Pendleton, saxophone awards; David Pendleton; Kirk Pendleton; Raymond Pendleton

and family; Stephen Pendleton, football champ, Englsh 2 award, Geometry award, Biology award, Typing 1 award;

Anastacio Perea; Cecil Phelps and family; Bo Pierce; Cavens Plumlee, doctor, and family; Harold Plumbee, vice-president

8th grade;  Dinette Porterfield, 2nd grade award; Jerry Porterfield and family; Don Pritchard and family; Donna Pritchard;

Henry Pritchard and family; J.B. Procter, real estate agent; John Propes;


Frances Rael; Dusty Ray, Typing 1 award; Joe Ray; A.G. Reed; Mrs. Reed, 4th grade teacher; Roger Reed and family;

Lola Reynolds, 2nd grade teacher; Minnie Rhyne; Mrs. Richard; Elmer Rigoni, rancher; Ethel Rigoni; Marion Rigoni;

Barbara Riley, cheerleader, band, clarinet and piano awards; George Riley, clarinet quintet; Jack Ritchie, State Patrol, and

family; Wood S. Roberts and family; Phelps Robertson, baseball team; Louis Romero; Pat Romero, track, basketball,

football all state champ; Pedro Romero; Rap Romero; Robert Romero, basketball, football all state champ; Rose Romero,

clarinet quintet; John Ross; E.J.H. Roy; Frank A. Roy, town founder, first postmaster, and family; William Roy, Franks

brother and town founder; Rev. J.S. Russel, preacher; Leach Russel, actor; Vina Ruth and family;


Allen Salazar; Mrs. Salazar, 1st grade teacher; Anna Marie Sanchez, 2nd grade awards; Esther Luise Sanchez; Rosella

Sanchez; Anthony Sandoval; Joe Sandoval and family; Pete Sandoval and family; Allen Scott and family; Carl Scott and

family; Edith Ann Scott, cheerleader, actress, clarinet choir; Ronnie Scott; Roy Self; Ed Seidel and family; Jude Seidel;

Tillie Seidel and family; Gary Shaw, football all state champ; Kenneth Shaw, track, basketball, football all state champ;

Laurine Shaw; L.V. Shurbet and family; Phil Shurbet and family; Quenna Lee Shurbet; Bobby Sike and family; Shirley

Sistrunk, teacher; Bill Sloane, Soil Conservation agent, and family; Mabel Smith, cashier; Jerry Spear and family; M.S.

Steele, and family; Rev. Bernard Stein, pastor, and family; James C Steinepreis, vocational and agriculture teacher; Judy

Street, saxophone awards; Sam Street, 4th grade award; Shelby Strickland; Mrs. Sturtz, athletic teacher; Roice Struz,

high school coach; Frank Surls, track, basketball, football all state champ;Nettie Surls and family;Toni Surls;Cathy Swope;


Alice Tafoya; Carla Tafoya; Dorothy Tafoya, 3rd grade award; Tarris, baseball team; Hazel Thomas and family; Frank

Thompson, Agriculture teacher; Janice Thompson, PTA scholarship; Patsy Thompson; Cecil Trujillo and family; Dolores

Trujillo; Tucker, baseball team; Rev. Tucker, pastor; Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Wright's sister;

Refugia Ulibarri; Rudy Ulibarri, 8th grade English Teacher; 

Joanne Velasquez, clarinet quintet; Johnny Velasquez and family; Vickie Velasquez;


Waggoner, ranch; Alida Wallace, 3rd grade teacher; Emmet Wallace; Curtis Washburn, 5th grade award; Cynthia

Washburn, 1st grade award; Gerry Washburn, science teacher and club sponsor; Scott Washburn, 3rd grade award;

Martha Weathers, cheer leader, American Government Award, Bookkeeping award, Business English award; Ethel Lee

Webster, Librarian and english teacher; Newton Webster, principal and spanish teacher; Donna Weisdorfer, Advanced

Algebra and Trigonometry award, Physics award, Salutatorian; June Weisdorfer, band, clarinet choir, Typing 1 award;

Sue Weisdorfer; L.A. Wells, math and history teacher; Avolt Wendland, 8th grade president; Benny Wendland and family;

Larry Wendland, Navy; White, baseball team; Anne Whiting, bought the Dunbar building; Fay Wilkerson, 8th grade

treasurer; Mrs. W. Willcox, actress; Bill Wilson, math and science teacher; Cheryl Wood, band, clarinet award; Gary

Wood, science fair award;Travis Wood, board of education chairman, and family;Mrs. Clarence Wright owns Oriental Hotel;