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==== Thursday, February 10th  ====
==== Thursday, February 10th  ====
*LE001 Sponsored by Ancestry.com  
*LE001 ''Mobile Applications: the Hows, Whys and Future'' presented by Kendall Hulet and sponsored by Ancestry.com  
*LE006 Sponsored by brightSolid
*LE006 ''Family History in the Age of the Cloud'' presented by Chris van der Kuyl and sponsored by brightSolid
==== Friday, February 11th  ====
==== Friday, February 11th  ====

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The first annual RootsTech conference was held February 10-12, 2011 in Salt Lake City.  The conference is designed to bring together both genealogists and technologists to shape the future of Family History. RootsTech is sponsored by FamilySearch and several genealogy & technology partners. The official conference page is at http://rootstech.familysearch.org/.  

KeyNote Speakers

RootsTech 2011 featured 4 keynote speakers.  Their presentations were broadcast via live streaming. 

To learn more about each of the keynote speakers, visit the Keynote Speakers page on the Rootstech website.

Lunch Events

Thursday, February 10th

  • LE001 Mobile Applications: the Hows, Whys and Future presented by Kendall Hulet and sponsored by Ancestry.com
  • LE006 Family History in the Age of the Cloud presented by Chris van der Kuyl and sponsored by brightSolid

Friday, February 11th

  • LE003 FamilySearch Developers Network presented by Gordon Clarke and sponsored by the FamilySearch Developers Network and Sharing Time.
  • LE004 Family History Technology: Where have we been and where are we going? presented by Professor William Barrett and sponsored by the BYU Computer Science Department.
  • LE002 Leveraging Tradition and Technology: Building a National Website with Four People presented by Ryan J. Woods and sponsored by NEHGS

Saturday, February 12th

  • LE005 High Touch and High Tech: Being a Successful 21st Century Genealogical Society presented by Curt Witcher and sponsored by the Federation of Genealogical Societies
Luxegen Genealogy and Family History Blog - Rootstech Takeaways: High Tech High Touch

Conference Courses

Classes at Rootstech 2011 were organized into two tracks: Tech Users (TU) and Tech Creators (TC). In addition, there were multiple luncheon events and unconference sessions. Courses are listed at http://rootstech.familysearch.org/sessions.php.

More detailed information is available for each of the following courses.

Thursday, February 10th

Friday, February 11th

Saturday, February 12th

Guidance for RootsTech Presenters was available online.

Official Conference Bloggers

RoosTech invited 16 genealogy bloggers to serve as Official Conference Bloggers. 

Bloggers (official & unofficial) and those on Twitter sure had a lot to report! To view posts and tweets, visit the Geneabloggers RootsTech blogroll


The following companies exhibited at RootsTech 2011 Expo Hall:

View the floor plan map at the RootsTech site.


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