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Civil Registration

Records of births, marriages and deaths created and maintained by civil government are called civil registration (stara civilă). Such records are an extremely reliable source for studying families and relationships. Civil registration was introduced into Romania (Wallachia and Moldavia) by official decree in 1865. The Hungarian provinces of Transylvania and Banat began in 1895. In Bukovina, Bessarabia and Dobruja civil registration was not introduced until 1919.

Information Provided:
Birth records--name of child, date of birth, names and ages of parents.
Marriage records--Date and place of marriage, birth dates or ages and birthplaces of bride and groom, names of parents.
Divorce records--names of parties and date of final decrees.
Death records--place of death, date of death, age, birthplace, and parents' names.

Existing civil registration records of Romania are located in local offices of civil registration (Oficiile stării civile) in each city or town which maintain records for about the past one hundred years. Older records are sent to the Regional Archives of the Romanian National Archives.

No civil registration records are available through the Family History Library at this time.