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United States > Idaho > Owyhee County > Rockville

Quick Facts

Former name

The original name of Rockville was The Rocks.

Geographic location

Rockville was located on McBride Creek in Succor Creek Canyon in western Owyhee County, about 2.5 miles off the ION Highway (US Hwy 95), south of Marsing, and McBride Creek Road.



There is a small cemetery at Rockville.


Originally established in the 1870s as a state station, it was granted a post office in 1885. At its height, it had a frame house, a saloon, and other buildings, including a 19-room hotel which was built in 1903. That building included sleeping rooms and a dance hall and became a center for local activity. Rockville was abandoned in 1928 when the new road through Succor Creek Canyon to Jordan Valley bypassed it. The hotel was torn down in 1930[1].

School Records

A school existed at Rockville for a few years, but nothing is known of the records of the students who attended there.


Idaho Ghost Towns entry for Rockville


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