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Riverton FamilySearch
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3740 West Market Center Drive
(13175 South)

Riverton, Utah 84065-8026

Monday and Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Closed on Sunday

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Handouts and Guides

Library Resource Materials for Staff and Patrons

Library Quick Start Guides

Family Tree

Adding and Attaching Sources to Family Tree
Adding Photos to Family Tree  (revised 08/14/18)
Adding Stories to Family Tree
Family Tree  (revised 10/02/18)
Fixing a Looping Pedigree in Family Tree
Merging Duplicate Records in Family Tree  (revised 08/21/18)
RecordSeek for Recording Sources in Family Tree  (revised 09/04/18)
Reserving Temple Ordinances
Search Tools in Family Tree
Searching with FamilySearch  (revised 08/14/18)
Submitting Names for Temple Ordinances

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British Research Using the GRO Indexes (new 12/15/17)
Finding My Cousins (formerly Decendancy Research) (revised 12/14/18)
FamilySearch Catalog>
FamilySearch Genealogies and Books  (revised 08/14/18)
Finding Ancestors Using the FamilySearch Research Wiki
Great Research Sites
Pioneer Ancestors
Preparation for Trek
Search Tools in Family Tree
Searching with FamilySearch  (revised 08/14/18)
U.S. Census Records
Virtual Pedigree - Five Minute - Find a Name (new 03/31/19
Websites for England Ancestry (FamilySearch)]

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Creating Fan or Other Charts with TreeSeek.com (revised 09/23/17)
Creating a GEDCOM File
Register for or Recover an LDS Account  (revised 08/21/18)
Using Dropbox

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Ancestry.com Overview   (Revised 01/30/19)
FindMyPast.com Overview   (Revised 01/30/19)
MyHeritage.com Overview (Revised 03/11/19)
FamilySearch Web Indexing (Added 08/22/18 - Rev. 04/10/18)

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1. Family Group Sheet with Ordinances
2. Family Group Sheet without Ordinances
3. Pedigree Chart with Ordinances
4. Pedigree Chart without Ordinances
5. Research Log
6. Research Log - Internet Searches
7. Research Survey Sheet
8. US Census Headings 1790 - 1930
9. US Census Headings - 1940
10. US Census Summary Chart
11. US Record Selection Table

Maintained by: Elder Tom Stubben

Last modified: 03/31/19

Class Handouts

Family Search

FamilySearch Family Tree -
Wiki   by Linda Baker
Family Tree Sourcing Week 1   by Dean Gearig
Family Tree Sourcing Week 2   by Dean Gearig
FamilySearch Indexing -
Web Indexing   by Nancy Hendrickson

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Genealogy Database Programs

Ancestry.com helps by Ron Ray
Ancestry Research Tips
Ancestry Trees - Creating, using them and sharing with FamilySearch
Ancestry.com by Ron Reagen
Class Guide - Research and Tree Helps
Ancestral Quest by Bud Wood
Class Syllabus
MAC Installation Guide
AQ-PAF Consultant Guide
Win Installation Guide
RootsMagic by Ron Ray
Week 1 - Basic Keys and FamilySearch Central
Week 2 - Pictures, Videos, and PDFs
Week 3 - Sources
Week 4 and 5 - Reports and Special Tools
Week 4 and 5 - More Creative Tools
Week 4 and 5 - Sharing Trees, Photos, and Records with Ancestry.com

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Beginning Genealogy Research by Larry Whittaker
Week 1-Introduction to Genealogy
Week 2- People, Records & Tips
Week 3- Effective Search Strategies
Week 4- Internet Genealogy
Week 4- Internet Genealogy Addendum

Finding Your Cousins Workshop by Ron Ray
Finding Cousins Workshop Syllabus
Weeks 1-4: Main Handout showing Virtual Pedigree, Ancestry and FamilySearch.
Five Minute Find a Name using Virtual Pedigree with FamilySearch.

Genealogy Search helps
Genealogy Tool Box   by Glen Sisam

Immigration and Naturalization   by Ron Ray
Land Records   by Ron Ray
New England Research   by Linda Baker
Newspapers   by Ron Ray

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Basic Computer Skills    Taught by Kenneth Spencer
Basic File Organization    Taught by Bud Wood
Basic Graphics    Taught by Kenneth Spencer
Google Drive    by Ron Ray
Graphics Programs   by Ron Ray
Creating Sources with Microsoft Word   by Ron Ray

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Group Presentations Handouts

Finding Names to Take to the Temple -
Fun Stuff at the Library -
Prep for Trek -
Web Indexing -

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Maintained by: Elder Ron Ray

Last modified: 3/31/2019